Gentle Leader Headcollar - Black - For Dogs up to 25 lb.

Also, this isn't a headcollar, but Black Dog makes what is called a Smart Lead (). I really like it because it's got a buckle that can be adjusted. I clip it around my SD's waist so that I am in compliance with leash laws but I don't have to actually handle the leash (over-the-shoulder leashes hurt me). You could also use the leash clipped around your waist as a hands-free leash or around a tree if you need to tie your dog down momentarily. Basically, it's a really versatile leash. Personally, I like the material the leash is made out of as well. Here's a video that explains the Smart Lead: .


Dogmatic is the invention of Susan Lewsley and come about out of necessity. You can . The Dogmatic is for dogs that pull and promises to deliver a perfect combination of comfort and control. The Dogmatic Headcollar is in many ways similar to the popular Halti, at least in its purpose but boasts greater comfort and control. It comes in a variety of colours: black, blue, red and orange. You can also choose between a padded, cushioned webbing or a leather design. I opted for the black cushioned version in size 2. The website states size 3 for a husky, but as Dakota is only 6 months old and not nearly fully grown, size 2 was better suited.

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Gentle Leader Headcollar for Medium Size Dogs – Black – Dog Collar 25 – 60 lbs Gentle Leader Headcollar - Black - For Dogs up to 25 lb. | Are you a frustrated dog owner struggling with constant jumping up, barking, chewing, begging, and pulling on the leash? The Gentle Leader Head Collar may be your saving grace. This specially designed head collar fits your dog in such a way that with one firm pull, your dog gets the message. @PetSafe

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I have purchased about every collar and harness. The Black Dog head collar worked best for me. (I bought it from a distributor in my area - but I still had to drive a ways to get it.) Duke hates the head collar, and anything that goes on his head, BUT I can walk with him. Otherwise, he's a nut and it's just plain crazy trying to take him for a walk. With all the obedience training, he'll do almost everything perfectly well, except heel - loose leash! :mad: That is what I wanted him to do most. Ahhh well - he's still a youngster. I'm not giving up. . .

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