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There are many brands of dog food on the market today but we have found Black Gold to out-perform the rest when considering results vs. cost per pound. At our own kennels, we have reduced our feed bill by 30% and have reduced cleanup by more than 50% since we started feeding the Black Gold formula.

It's fairly simple. If your pet doesn't like his food, he doesn't get the nutrient he needs, no matter how well the food is formulated. Black Gold has great taste appeal with high digestibility. This will assure the energy level, conditioning and healthy skin, and coat your dog requires.

At the same time, lower stool volumes and affordable prices are requirements of the dog owner. Black Gold provides these to our valued customers as well.

Many people think that they can throw our sales representatives off guard by asking: “So what makes Black Gold better than other brands?" The answer is simple. Bioavailability. Many brands of dog food have almost identical labels. This is confusing to the consumer. AAFCO guidelines do not require that labels show the "grade” of ingredients.

The key to making premium dog foods, like Black Gold is to start with top-grade ingredients and then properly process them. Correct cooking temperatures and exact cool-down times, all within a tightly specified range, is a process called "gelatinization.” Top ingredients and proper gelatinization is what makes Black Gold so good. It doesn't cost anymore to do it right.

The ultimate goal of the Black Gold folks is to satisfy man's best friend, your dog. However, if you, the customer, are not 100% satisfied with any Black Gold product, for a full refund, send the package with a sample of its contents to us, we will make it right.

We offer a - 100% Quality and Consistency Fixed Formulation of ingredients for exact nutrition in every bag- guarantee! If you or your pets are not completely satisfied, for any reason, with any Black Gold Dog Food product, we will give you a 100% refund.

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We are also dealers of Black Gold Dog Food and on occasion we do have AKC registered Beagle pups for sale. We are members of the Eastern Central Iowa Beagle Club and the American Rabbit Hound Association.

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Black Gold Premium Kennel Blend Dog Food

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