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"We got Stoli (right) 3 years ago when we were in college back east at UNC. The first picture is her at 7 weeks old. She is a short-coat fawn with black sable. As she grew older the black sable faded and she is almost completely fawn except for the black stripe on her tail. We had to work hard to keep her from getting ", " which makes many toy breeds yappy and disliked by strangers. She bonded with many friends and family members and I took her to class with me and on the bus. I even took her babysitting with me and she now LOVES kids which is not a common trait in small dogs. Because of our hard work to and not a fragile little toy she is very and not terrified of people and new surroundings. She also knows over 15 tricks and loves to perform! Stoli is 3.8 pounds and almost 3 years old. Just over a month ago we decided to get a playmate for Stoli that was her own size. This first picture is Roxi at 8 weeks and 15 ounces. She is a longhaired Chihuahua and should get up to 3-3.5 pounds as an adult. Her full long hair will not mature until she is around 1 1/2 years old, and in the meantime she will go through "puppy uglies" which is the awkward teenager stage for long-coated breeds between their puppy and adult coats. Her color is technically black and tan with a partial white collar and white feet. She also has merle markings that give the spotted blue and black pattern to her coat. The merle gene leeches out the most of the color from the black part of her coat leaving the grey/blue areas. It has also affected her eye color, which is marbled blue and brown. The merle Chihuahua is banned from some organizations around the world, but the AKC still allows for it in the show ring. The reason for this is possible health concerns associated with the gene. But we love little Roxi to death and she is completely healthy and growing fast! Walking around town with these two we get stopped constantly to be asked what kind of dogs they are and to tell us how cute they are. Recently we have been hearing kids yell out "Mommy look they are from Beverly Hills!" due to the new Disney movie."

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The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is known for its expressive, beautiful eyes and its long fluffy ears. It skull is flat and its muzzle is conical in shape. Although they are small, their body is solid and muscular. Their coat is long and silky and usually comes in black and tan, chestnut on white (Blenheim), and ruby. Their tail is sometimes docked. The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel seves well as an apartment dog, provided it is given sufficient walks.

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small black dog breeds Country of Origin: Scotland Description: Also known as the “Scottie”, this breed is one of the most recognized small dog breeds in the world. This small bodied dog has a distinct beard and long eyebrows which are a breed hallmark. They have pointy ears that stand erect and large noses and teeth for a small dog. Its double coat is very coarse and needs frequent combing to keep it looking good. While most people believe these dogs are only black, they actually can be white or brindle as well.

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Country of Origin: England Description: While it is a small dog, the Smooth Fox Terrier has the strength in both its body and jaws of one which is much larger. A thin but muscular breed it is white in color with black and or brown marks. They have smooth short hair that is easy to maintain and only requires an occasional brushing. The tail is usually docked to about 25% of its total length.

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