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Drew: Hi, I'm Drew Keeth with Honey Brake, here today with good friends Joe Perron from Champion Retrievers and Steve Snell from Gun Dog Supply. Today we're going to talk about patience in a dog and why that's important in a duck blind.

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Episode 22: Teaching patience in blind or dog box - Gun Dog Supply I read about some that can help accommodate blind dogs and decided to make a list of pet supplies that can help blind dogs do normal activities. A product specialist here at Drs. Foster & Smith, along with a few fellow co-workers who are also dog fanatics, helped me with this list of supplies that encourages blind dogs to use their sense of smell, hearing, taste and touch to do normal activities.

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I'm new to all of this posting stuff but we are looking for some answers and hopefully someone can send us in the right direction. Our 7 yr old German Shorthair 'Keeper' went blind in 2 months from PRA. Very heartbreaking but we are all trying to adapt - she better than us! Because she was an awesome bird dog, her joy of the day was scenting out and retrieving hunting dummies. Now, of course, she can't see them fly and when they are on the ground, it is almost impossible for her to find them. We are working on trying to teach her directional commands and when she does find one, she gets so very excited!! She doesn't play with toys - this was her biggest enjoyment off-season. We had heard about individual small beepers that could be placed into retrieving dummies or balls etc., that would help a blind dog 'track' a flying object. Obviously, something with bells is not an alternative because it ceases to make noise when it stops. I feel I have exhausted online searches and dog supply houses and am now wondering if there even is such a thing. I've even tried searching supplies for blind people to no avail. Does anyone out there have a blind hunting dog and are facing the same challenge? Any ideas would be appreciated.

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