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I too switched my dog off of Blue Buffalo lamb and brown rice after that law suit came out. When you’re paying for a premium food, I expect to get what I pay for. I switched him to Berkely Jensen from BJ’s and it has a higher rating too than the BB I was giving him.

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BLUE Basics Turkey & Potato Recipe Food for Dogs is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for maintenance.

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So the Blue Wilderness Salmon Stew Canned Dog Food Is My Understanding Is OK To Use? …mix, Blue Buffalo Blue Basics Grain Free Lamb & Potato Adult Recipe Dry Dog Food provides healthy but tasty nourishment for your adult dog. Free of grains but bursting with protein-rich lamb and easy-to-digest potatoes, Blue Buffalo Blue Basics Grain Free Lamb & Potato Adult Recipe Dry Dog Food

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Blue Buffalo Blue Basics Turkey & Potato Healthy Weight Adult Recipe Dry Dog Food keeps your dog at a weight thats healthy and suitable for his/her life stage. With great taste and even great nutrition, Blue Buffalo Blue Basics Turkey & Potato Healthy Weight Adult Recipe Dry Dog Food combines Blue

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Dogs hold a unique place in our hearts as well as our homes. Whether we enjoy them as members of the family, service and support animals, guardians of our security, partners in working livestock, or outdoor sporting competitors, they are our special companions. At Blue Seal, we deliver quality foods that adhere to the highest standards of pet nutrition that not only match their stage of life, but the activities they enjoy. Both of my dogs have been on Blue Buffalo dog food for a week, they only get it at night because during the day they go to the farm and have breakfast there. Both of them have uncontrollable diarrhea all night. One of my dogs has also been very lethargic and not wanting to play with is very much unlike him, he is constantly on the go. That haven't been on it long at all and they are already miserable. I'm never buying this food again.My dog has been on this dry food for several years. Bought a new bag yesterday and within an hour of eating the first meal from it became severely ill. Diarrhea and severe vomiting and crying as she vomited. I liken it to a bad case of food poisoning. Will return the bag today and switch her to something else. She was not ill or had any symptoms prior to eating. I will report to Blue Buffalo. Either a tainted batch or possible change in recipe?I would like to warn all dog owners. After changing from regular Blue Buffalo Chicken and Rice to Freedom Grain Free Chicken and brown rice. My dog ate approx. 1 cup when I noticed she stopped eating anything. The vet put her on a bland diet and she seemed to improve, but when the BB food was added to her bland diet she again stopped eating. The vets blood panel showed her kidneys were shutting down. The numbers were so high the vet said she wouldn't survive, he described it as a major toxic event. The dog lost 7 lbs. In 9 to 10 days with oral tube feeding of beef & rice, her normal weight being 23 lbs. The nausea meds did not help her keep food down. I had her put down on May 09 '17 because she refused to eat and couldn't hold down food also she started to have blood in her urine on the evening of May 08 '17. Now I see all Blue Buffalo food is on sale with free shipping! How can they sleep at night?