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We have a lot of Borzois (more than 15) and I have been feeding Blue Seal foods for at least 20 years. At this time I feed a mixture of the Natural 26 and the Pork and Barley. I purchase 2000 lbs at a time from a local wholesaler (R H Rohrer in PA). We have had a very low incidence of bloat and torsion with the Blue Seal. Some dogs that have had skin problems have done much better on the Pork and Barley than on specialized “derm” prescription diets. We also feed Blue Seal in our boarding kennel and the dogs who get it while they are here have not shown digestive upsets or loose stool when transitional onto the Blue Seal. According to the company representative several years ago the food is sourced from American sources for its ingredients. I do not know if this is still the case since the Kent group took over.

Judging by its ingredients alone, Blue Seal Classics looks like a below-average dry dog food.

As Eric pointed out, the protein source on Blue Seal appears to be grain based opposed to animal based. The ingredients on both are somewhat similar but when the first ingredient on BS is grain with fish-meal much further down the list, opposed to fish-meal listed first on AM, I will assume it's primarily a grain based feed. I look for the same when choosing a good dog food.

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Judging by its ingredients alone, Blue Seal Life Stages Dog Food looks like an above-average dry product. I have been feeding my 7 goldens BLue Seal Pork and Barley since Feb. 2012. My dogs love it and they look great! I am happy there is no corn in the Pork and Barley, I have two dogs allergic to corn. I love the ingredients, the bag volume…a true 40 lbs., and especially the price $30 for a 40 lb. bag. I was paying almost $60 for the so-called better brands, and hardly got 30 Lbs. I didn’t like most of the better brands, not just because of the price, but my dogs look better being on Blue Seal. The only thing I am hoping for is that they don’t sell out to a bigger company. Thank you Blue Seal for the Pork and Barley food. My dogs love it!

Description: Feeding guideline: A 50lb dog should be fed about 2 cups

One thing about this food, and a lot of the blue seal items.. it is one of the most price approperate foods on the market, unlike several of the “name” brands and even designer new foods on the market. High price, not always good ingredients.. It may not be a 5 star, but it still offers darn good nutrition at a very low and approperate price.. this is one of the few dog foods that shows a legitimate price diffrence that equals what is IN the food..The by nature line, a bit higher, the basic classic Blue seal (more grains) less and the Blue seal lifestages (this review) in the middle.. It is intresting to note it is about 2/3 and even 1/2 the price of many other diets on the market with the same or lower ratings!..
Not that cost is everthing, but shows something about a company when they approperatly price something, and you can see why something may cost more.. or less..
When a price is determined on what the owner will pay with a fancy package, trendy terms.. or other marketing hype.. seems nutrition may not really be what the company cares about..

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