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It happened for Tuna, a Chiweenie mix of Chihuahua and dachshund. This unlikely Internet star, found as a stray at a California farmer's market, has more than a million because of his cartoonish overbite. A book, The Underdog with the Overbite, goes on sale in two weeks with a list price of $14.95.

Gund Boo- World's Cutest Dog from Gund 9 IN - The price dropped 5% #frugal #savingmoney

We had two Pomeranians and the were true characters - unfortunately they have left us to the great Dog Heaven in the sky - this little Boo is just so cute - priceless.

Kenny Price - Me and you and a dog named boo Lyrics

Itty Bitty Boo Dog 6 Inch (original price, $11.90) available at #Justice. We know that you want to feed your dog Boo Boo’s Best, because we know you want to feed your beloved dog the best food possible, so he or she can live the longest, healthiest life possible. You may feel that due to the price of Boo Boo’s Best it is impossible to do both, […]


Boo has seen tremendous fame since becoming the world’s cutest dog, and with fame comes a price. Even for dogs who don’t seem to mind the paparazzi so much, there are cons to being the world’s most adorable pup. Back in April 2012, the world went into a frenzy when it was announced via Facebook that Boo had died. Someone whose identity remains a mystery posted the phrase #RIPBOO to Facebook, prompting a writer by the name of Sam Biddle from Gizmodo to tweet the world that Boo had passed away. Chronicle Book staff immediately released a statement denying the rumors and confirming that Boo was, in fact, alive and well and at home with his mysterious owner.

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