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The Booster Bath includes a 3-point adjustable leash restraint system with adjustable collar that will keep your dog comfortably contained at bath time. 3/8″ thick rubberized non-slip mat means no more stressful slipping and sliding. 1″ diameter 5-foot drain hose allows you to wash in one area and discharge water in another, you stay dry. Booster Bath and legs are ¼″ thick and are produced from 100% virgin UV stabilized Poly Propylene for long life and durability.

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Booster Bath wash tubs for dogs will relieve you from the stress of using your regular showers or your own bath tubs to wash your pooch, which is oftentimes extremely uncomfortable for everybody. When you own your personal pet bath for dogs, there's no need to be chasing your dogs around the house anymore – you can train them to get used to it, and even make them love the bath tub! It can be easy and very fun!

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Dog Bath Grooming Station Booster Bath Elevated Tub Pet Shower Made in USA #PawsForThought Q1: What type hose connection does it have?
A1: Booster Bath only includes a drain hose. You will need to provide your own garden hose to wash the dog with. Booster Bath does include a spray nozzle that can attach to the garden hose.

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“Dear Booster Bath Inc., June, 2002 was our 15th staging of an annual weekend fundraiser, a “Dog Wash” for the canine public. We typically wash more than 300 dogs of all sizes in the 2-day event over a total of 12 to 13 hours. In 2002, we discovered and invested in the Booster Bath to the uniform delight and relief of our washers. The Booster Bath product is attractive, durable, simple to assemble, use and store. We highly recommend it, even if you aren’t washing 300 dogs in two days.” - Sandy Lindquist, Prescription Pet Program“My staff and I have been using our Booster Bath for seven years and have been pleased with the quality of the product. It has withstood an average of weight to ten baths a day and has become an invaluable component of our grooming program. The hands-free system allows us to safely and easily control the dogs we are bathing and saves our backs the stress of bending.“While contemplating a groomers facilities update for our kennel, I asked my staff their thoughts about upgrading to a stainless steel bathing tub. They were content with the quality of the Booster Bath and felt that it would be a waste of money to purchase a different brand of bathtub. IN fact, we have been so satisfied with the performance of your product that we are investing in our second Booster Bath. Thank you for providing a great product!”, - Brian Ness, President and Owner of Vintage Kennel Club – Sonoma, California