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Thank you for sharing your concerns, Juliana! We are sorry to hear that the Busy Buddy® Bouncy Bone™ was not a good fit for your dog. This is definitely not the sort of experience we want pets or their owners to have with our products. We recommend supervising your pets while playing with our toys and depending on many factors, different toys may better suit your dog's needs. We will be reaching out to you privately to find a solution as we value your feedback and we try to provide a variety of products and options to meet the needs of all furry friends.

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Keep your active by playing a game of fetch with the Bouncy Burrow Buddies Squirrel Dog Toy. The plush toy does not contain any stuffing, but has a rubber ball in the head and squeaker in the tail. Textures throughout are great for your pet to chew on.

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Petco Bouncing Spiny Ball Dog Toy hot sale 2017 The Kong Extreme Balls are perfect for bouncing. They are also the most durable rubber balls on the market today. They are produced in the United States, and the large/medium Kong Extreme measures approximately 3 inches for large and medium dogs; additionally, a hole has been drilled through it in the centre. The balls are especially suitable for outdoor uses as they are puncture-resistant. The small toy goes for $4.92, a small pack of 2 goes for $22.62 and a medium/large toy goes for $7.56

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The Kong Zinger dog toy will quickly become your dog's favorite toy! With the Kong Zinger, you zing the ring with lightning speed and a magical forespin that brings the ring to life for the dog. Watch as the ring rolls, skips, hops, and bounces erratically while your dog chases it down.

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The Bomber Ball Dog Toy is as versatile as it is unique. Made out of the same durable material as basketballs, the Bomber is inflatable, it floats, it bounces, and it features two handles for intense tug-of-war matches! The bright orange color makes it easy to see when fun takes you and your furry friend to the beach or river. Small Bomber ball is about 4.5-inches in diameter.Dogs will love this unpredictable ball with excellent durability! Throw ball against the spine and it bounces normally. When your dog thinks he knows where its going to bounce, throw it against the opening to create an unpredictable bounce that's hours of fun! Take the fun to the water as this ball also floats! Can be stuffed with peanut butter or treats and fits most throwing toys. This toy resembles the size of a normal tennis ball with an easy to see color. This toy is PVC free and is safe for dogs to play with. Plush Bouncing Ball Dog Toy

Nubby and Squeaky, These Plush Balls Have It All!
Dogs love nubby toys and these Plush Squawking Nubby Balls have twenty of them,
plus the unique squawking sound that is sure to please.
Material: Chewy plush; Contains a squeakerSize: Toys are 5"
They make the world go round. They make it bounce, roll and soar. They’re objects that inspire play, enrich training, ease boredom and curb problem behaviors. Toys, according to the experts (and every dog worth his molars), are a must-have.