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I visited the store in Dothan and bought one of the multi ring toys on sale, thinking "ok so if it only lasts a couple of days like 90% of the other(more expensive) toys that I have bought for my voracious American bulldog chewer, at least it won't have cost a lot. BOY, this toy has lasted just about a month and he finally managed to chew one end off to get to the rings, and he can still chew on them and the center stick for a couple of more days. If you have a determined chewer buy at least 1, if not more, because they are worth it!

Your dog will love playing with the Multipet Bouncy Burrow Babies Dog Toy.

Hey Johann, this is a real interesting lens you have here! Lots of toys for me to think about for my two little rascals! I'm a big fan of those Kong dog toys myself as they're a lot of fun for the dogs and they can't break them! I'm glad I found you - Edwyn

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Bounce around some fun with your favorite hunting buddy with the SodaPup Crazy Bounce Dog Toy in Hunter Orange! Tennis Ball Dog Toy ** Find out more about the great product at the image link.(This is an Amazon affiliate link and I receive a commission for the sales)

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This brand of dog toys was designed to redirect your dog’s destructive chewing behavior into positive playtime instead. There are a lot of different styles of Busy Buddy dog toys that provide different chewing experiences. best. The is our second favorite. But they’re all great because they’re made with your dog’s safety in mind. And due to their shape, they all provide unique bounce patterns which keeps your dog’s attention longer.

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The Bouncy Bone is one of our dogs favorite toys. It comes in FOUR sizes – one of which will be right for ANY dog! The hard rubber ball is surrounded by bone-shaped nylon ends with the tasty, edible replaceable Knawhide rings sandwiched in between. The three textures satisfy even the most discriminating chewer. There is nothing quite like the boundless joy of a dog at play. At Luvsome, we are committed to helping make sure your dog has a lifetime of active, happy play. Whether they’re chewing, catching, fetching, or nuzzling, we have the toys to keep tails wagging! Because of the Ball in the middle your dog will enjoy not only chewing on this toy but playing fetch with it as well. Don’t forget to have plenty of refills on hands, because the Bouncy Bone chew toy is sure to be one of your dog’s favorites!These DuraDog Monster Treat Release Toy™ by Innovation Pet releases treats and is perfect for fetch! The Ball has an unpredictable, no-noise bounce with every toss. Your dog will be entertained in the day or night with this glow-in-the-dark toy!

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