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Great reviews online. Nutro High Protein-Grain Free is a natural product that will not upset my dog's stomach or her skin. Healthier and gives my dog energy. Also, it is made by a reputable company where I can be worry free and confident I am giving my dog something good that she enjoys and cherishes. She loves it a lot. I wish it could be cheaper however you get what you pay for and I am very happy about the product. I would also be happier if it came in 5 or 6 different sizes. Sometimes I cannot fit the big bags. But Nutro dog has definitely exceeded my expectations for dog food and it would take a lot for me to switch brands.

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I have a eight pound very healthy Yorkie dog! He had just had a complete check-up with a glowing report of great health. I had recently decided to change his food to the Blue Brand due to reviews of a good quality food. Suddenly he became very ill ... couldn't walk... vomiting... horrible stomach pain! Rushed him to the vet and $600.00 later, the vet says his stomach, intestines, and his pancreas was inflamed. This is a dog that was never ever sick. She said to stop the food immediately and give him no food or water for 24 hours. He was given IVs to give him fluids and meds to calm the condition, plus pain meds due to the severe pain. 48 hours later, he was feeling better and was able to hold down small amounts of food and water. The outcome of this story is the food caused this condition. Food was bad or contaminated with something. Pet owners beware - do not buy this food!!!! It was a horrible thing to go through and it caused such a horrible... This brand should be removed from stores.

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Feb 17, 2017 - This Week in Review: 2 New Recalls, Secrets of Westminster, Shocking Dog Food Ingredients, Airline Dog Death & More! Brandy Arnold. I find that if you look to professionals and research articles for how to feed your dog, instead of consumer reviews on each brand (which is what most people mean by “they have done so much research”) you will find it much easier to make a proper decision for which food to choose.

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Our newest puppy is getting Kirkland Puppy food (previously Hill’s Science and Puppy Chow before finally settling on Kirkland), but still manages to steal some of the cheap food from the older dog. Still waiting to see whether we will transition her to Kirkland Adult food or stick with the
cheap brands.

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I would NOT recommend fallowing the Dog Food Review. The author knows very little in terms of nutrition IMO. There is more to a food then just the ingredients. Dogs need specific NUTRIENTS, not specific ingredients. There are a lot of brands on there stated as high quality diets that I would never feed for many reasons ie) too many protein sources *causing problems if you ever encounter allergies*, too high calcium to phos ratios, formulated for all life stages etc.The FDA became aware that Evanger’s Dog and Cat Food was notifying its distributors and retailers of a new recall for lots of Evanger’s Braised Beef Chunks with Gravy as well as expanding the previous recall for additional lots of Evanger’s canned Hunk of Beef and Against the Grain’s Grain Free Pulled Beef with Gravy.