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Stainless steel blank tags are available in a huge variety of shapes: heart, bone, disk, oval and more. You can get blank dog tags for engraving in different materials: 24K gold plated, solid brass or stainless steel. You can also order blank nameplates shaped like a rectangle or an oval. Each nameplate can be attached with two matching rivets to a collar of your choice.

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Pet id tags are available in a huge variety of shapes: heart, bone, disk, oval and more. You can get them in different materials too: 24K gold plated, solid brass or stainless steel. Dog collar id tags with bright colored enamel on them look awesome as well! The colors of our enamel dog collar id tags go perfectly with our various leather collars and . You can choose a paring in the same color, or mix and match for cool funky look.

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Dog Tags, Dog ID Tags, Pet Tags, Pet ID Tags, Cat ID Tags, Cat Tags, Etched Brass Dog Tags, Unique Dog Tags, Custom Pet Tag This personalized Brass Dog ID Tag is a must have for your darling fur baby. These dog tags will come with a smaller split ring and a larger split

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These tags come in stainless steel, brass, nickel-plated, and gold plated. Our free engraving service is something we offer everyone who buys these ID tags. Because we believe in only providing customers with the highest quality products, we use a special high-power laser to deeply engrave our tags so that your dog’s name and information will never wear off. With so many styles and options, you’re sure to find the perfect tag that your best friend will be proud to wear!

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A solid brass dog tag for your pet, made from solid 2mm (12 Gauge) brass.
All dog tags are cut from brass.
Each tag comes with a matching split ring.
All letters and numbers are deeply engraved to make sure tag will be readable for years. Military dog tags are worn by the amazing active duty men and women of our United States Armed Services. Now you can use these strong and rugged brass or stainless steel dog id tags as customized identification on your dog collars. This will add a little swagger to your furry friend. This custom personalized dog tag is made from genuine military dog tags and are deeply embossed and personalized with your pet’s name and your phone number and address. Most lost dogs never leave their neighborhood so this custom dog tag will help protect and identify your dog so they can be quickly returned to your family. These pet id tags look wicked cool too!The beautiful Brass Pet ID Tags have deep industrial engraving for long wear and darkened text for easier reading! About the size of a nickel, the small brass pet ID tag is perfect Dog ID Tag for small dogs or Cat ID Tag. Five lines of text are available to put all your information! Characters per line including spaces: 10,18,18,18,12Brass ID tags are easy to read and made with 100% brass. Perfect for active dogs, brass tags maintain their polish by constantly rubbing on your pet's coat and other objects. Focusing on pet safety, our nameplates easily rivet or slide on your dog’s existing collars.