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Hello, I just found out that my male dogs (Hercules), grandfather and great-grandmother are my female dogs (Athena and Luna) mother and father. So that means that the owners had breed mother and son, to get my females, but is it ok to breed the male and females? Also, would that make them related, and how closely related would they be?

2. ABKC recommends having my stud dog(s) micro chipped, health tested and DNA before breeding.

I have been asked if my dog will be a stud for a bitch who is coming into season soon. My dogs grandfather and the bitches great grandfather are the same dog…. Is this too close to breed?

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5. I will use my dog only on those females I feel are an asset to the breed. I have been involved in the sport of Schutzhund for about a dozen years, and consider myself a strong working dog person. I have bred a couple of litters (Rottweilers) in the past, and grew up partially on a farm raising sheep. There is something I have never gotten quite clear regarding the breeding of German Shepherds. I realize the SV requires a show rating, Schutzhund title, and breed survey for a dog to be considered breedable. Correct? However, the show rating, and survey is in my opinion, not worth much of anything. The Schutzhund title is. However, I seem to see people on the net and elsewhere still breeding German Shepherd dogs without any of these things. I know this is America and anybody can breed whatever they want. Is this true in Germany and elsewhere, or is it more regulated? Here is what I'm getting at. I am an ethical person, who has always tried to go by the rules. I have a nice working line female. She is strong, healthy, bites well, and has a good temperament. Is it really worth going through all these steps before I breed my bitch? Most puppies, even out of strong working lines, seem like they end up in puppy homes anyway. Do you ever breed untitled dogs? I appreciate your perspective on this issue.

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As a breeder/owner/broker using AKC services, what happens if I refuse to make my dogs available during a routine kennel inspection?
Refusing to make dogs available for DNA testing is considered the same as refusing inspection and may result in action by the AKC Management Disciplinary Committee. Inspection procedures provide that the AKC has the right to inspect the records required to be kept and to examine any dog registered or to be registered with the American Kennel Club. Such examination may include DNA tests or other procedures at the discretion of the AKC. Responsible breeders with accurate records have everything to gain by incorporation of these DNA tests into the routine inspection program.

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