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My AB “Trey” has enjoyed the treats and toys from the Bullymake box. He got a treat holder with a string tail he holds onto that is a particular favorite. My AB loves to grab and shake things. I’m trying to figure out a toy he can use for that activity. He will tear through any cloth toy after his “shake and bake” action.

We’ve compiled a list of the Best Toys For Bulldogs with the help of our very own bullies.

This one’s toughness was actually quite surprising! We initially chose to include in our review because of it’s fresh, cool looking design and our Bulldogs showed instant interest. Actually, we had to take Tux away from our Bulldogs a couple of times to give the other toys on our Best Toys For Bulldogs List a fair chance.

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Our aim is to give fellow Bulldog owners an honest examination of these toys. All in all, we thought Tux was visually appealing; we liked the ability throw a dog treat on board and we appreciate the creator’s devotion to providing high quality, non-toxic, recyclable dog toys made in the good old U. S. of A. Tux left us with no doubt he will be insanely popular with any Bulldog.

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We filled Tux with the goodies and our Bulldogs couldn’t resist! In comparison to the more popular Nylabone we tested, Tux doesn’t have much for flavoring to help instigate chewing, but he’s just as desirable. Even after hours of rigorous gnawing from our Bulldog Terror, Lily, we noted that Tux didn’t fray, dent or tear quite like most toys. Just a few small scratches. A stellar achievement for the West Paw Design team!

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In order to keep your bulldog happy, avoid boredom and seperation anxiety, redirect his chewing on 'harmless' objects. We have selected a number of products we like: toys to keep your bulldog busy when you are away.For more tips on choosing chews and toys for your new French Bulldog, talk to the breeder before you bring the dog home. Find out what the dog seems to like and what the breeder recommends as safe for the breed they (should) know so well. Keep your assortment plentiful and full of variety, and your French Bulldog will be a happy dog indeed.Before you bring your French Bulldog puppy home, stock up on safe chews, toys, and treats for your puppy. Have plenty in a variety on hand so when puppy becomes bored with one (or devours it) you'll have another to occupy their attention.If you’ve just become the proud parent of an English bulldog you’ve probably realised that they’re chewing machines! The best toys for bulldogs certainly aren’t your new chair leg or the corner kitchen cupboard! Once you’ve decided on a toy then check out our guide to the for bulldogs – we know your bully would love one!