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Burgundy is a classic color that's sure to look amazing in a house or apartment with a more traditional decor. Chic, comfortable, and cozy you pup will be proud to call his/her new bed home! While most other dog beds come in just a handful of colors we've made it a goal to offer a rainbow of exclusive high-end designer colors -including burgundy- to ensure you're as happy about your new dog bed as your four legged friend.

Chevron Gusset Daydreamer Burgundy Dog Bed  Details can be found by clicking on the image.

Fleece Crate Dog Bed Burgundy Item No. DFCDB-1101 Features:
Soft, thick fleece keeps dogs at a comfortable temperature
Bolster adds extra cushioning and support
Sized to fit all crates and kennels
Great value
Can be used in crates, cars, or as a stand alone bed
Machine washable

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Armarkat Burgundy/Ivory Canvas And Soft Plush Rectangular Dog Bed M02h Product Fleece Crate Dog Bed Burgundy Item No. DFCDB-1101 Summary:
Keeping your dog comfy in the crate or living room, the Fleece Crate Dog Bed Item No. DFCDB-1101 is a versatile bed at a great price. These cozy beds boast thick fleece and a bolstered edge that provides cushioning for snuggle hounds and support for dogs with an injury.

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Fleece Crate Dog Bed Burgundy Item No. DFCDB-1101 Guarantee
Fleece Crate Dog Bed Burgundy Item No. DFCDB-1101 has a 6 month limited warranty that covers workmanship and material quality. We will replace any products found to be defective within 6 months of normal use. man-madesabotage of this Fleece Crate Dog Bed Burgundy Item No. DFCDB-1101 will void any existing product warranty.

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Indoor panoramic Touchdog designer Burgundy Vintage Emblem dog bed composed of Fleece-Cotton and Plaid Outershell rimmed with Sherpa edging by the entrance,This is the Burgundy Buttercup Dog Bed by Bowsers. All Bowsers products are made with the highest quality materials, and as a result an incremental pricing strucutre is applied. Bigger bed = more material = higher price. This incremental pricing is as follows:

Large - add $30