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I recently purchased Bravo Turkey raw food. My dog became very sick within 24 hours. He would cry out in pain for no apparent reason. He ended up at the vets. After having a series of xrays it was determined by the vet that his intestines and stomach were inflamed. The vet said the cause was Bravo due to the high uncooked bone content. He informed me the second ingredient in the food is turkey bone. He also told me they do not have a vet on staff and do not do any independent post manufacturing testing
The vet bill was over $665.50
I contacted Bravo and after 2 months the owner of back and forth emails, Bette Schubert, declined to help in any way with the bill.
A product is only as good as the people who stand behind it. I am here to say do not buy this food as they failed that test.

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example: salmonella – dogs on raw food don’t get it, commercially-fed dogs do. this is because the commercial food is, unless excellent quality stuff (which only a small percentage of the dog owner population buys), loaded with corn and other cellulose. this dilutes the dog’s stomach acid, which is far higher than human’s (human stomach acid pH is about 5, which is enough to melt an engine block; dog stomach acid is 1-2, which is enough to melt not only the engine block, but the entire vehicle and leave a smoking crater in the tarmac below).

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for everyone, whether you're looking to buy raw dog food online or in person. Hi Kirstin,
I have fed VE but as part of a rotational diet. Your dog needs other proteins and when feeding raw, red meat should be more than white. Have you thought of ordering his food online? I order from Hare Today…she has so many proteins that would probably work for your dog; turkey, duck, beef, goat, llama, emu, pork, rabbit etc.
You would need a separate freezer (you can buy inexpensive small ones) and they come in tubes; one pounders, two pounders and five pounders.

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I buy my raw dog food from a very reputable butcher who only business is in raw pet food. They only sell organic meat- chicken, lamb, turkey, duck & beef (which I do not feed my dogs) The meat is ground up – bones & all. It is the best food for my dogs. I am very careful when handling the raw meat as I would if I were handling any raw meat. Just a little common sense is all that is needed.

Back in 2004 I was feeding all my dogs/pups this diet quite ..