Top 15 Best Dog Anxiety Medications for Calming Dogs in 2017

Besides Rescue Remedy, there are several excellent products that work to calm canines. There’s a calming spray designed for dogs that gets great reviews. Another well-regarded option would be stress and anxiety relief calming drops which is 100% natural and made in the USA. So Rescue Remedy isn’t the only game in town for helping a nervous pet dog.

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ThunderEssence Dog Calming Drops use 100% natural essential oils to produce a calming effect in anxious or overexcited dogs. Recommended by veterinarians, these drops contain lavender, chamomile and Egyptian geranium—oils that are used extensively in aromatherapy. ThunderEssence can be applied directly on your dog or dabbed on her bedding and blankets. You can also place a few drops on the ThunderSpray patch on any to reinforce the feeling of relaxation. It’s the perfect pet-calming solution for thunderstorms, car and air travel, vet visits, kennel stays or having visitors stay in your home.

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Natural remedy for dogs using essential oils to relieve stress/anxiety. 1.5 tsp coconut oil, 3 drops each lavender and Peace & Calming. is a homeopathic, natural way to help support calm behavior in pets during stressful situations. It is a popular solution for those leaning toward herbal supplements to treat anxiety. Rescue Remedy is a mix of natural herb and flower extracts that can calm the nerves. You can add a couple of drops to your dog’s water dish, or add a drop to a treat. Rescue Remedy helps our animals when they are adjusting to new situations and emotionally out of balance. Rescue remedy can also be used on your traveling cat as well.

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Calming Mist Spray for DOGS: 10 oz water 5-10 drops Lavender 5-10 drops Roman Chamomile Glass spray bottle Mix this in the glass spray bottle and be sure to shake before each application.

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ThunderEssence is a veterinarian-recommended blend of natural essential oils to help calm and relax dogs during times of stress. Available in spray or drops, this combination of Lavender oil, Chamomile, and Egyptian Geranium oil can help soothe dogs with anxiety caused by separation from the family, noise from fireworks or thunder, car and air travel, and other stressors. It is also useful for veterinary visits, kennel stays, and getting acclimated to a new home or baby. Spray ThunderEssence in the air, on your pet's bedding, or directly on your pet's coat. The drops or spray can also be used in combination with the for added calming effect. The pleasant, relaxing fragrance is also great for neutralizing odors such as the "wet dog smell". ThunderEssence is 100% safe for dogs, pH balanced, paraben-free, dye-free, and cruelty-free. It's even an effective calming aid for human use. Keep a bottle in your car's glove compartment to keep pets calm and relaxed for safer travels.You can create this highly diluted DIY Anxiety Spray for Dogs to mist on their fur. Also great to add to their pet bed, toys or even diffuse in the home while you are gone. Another option for keeping your dog calm is to add a couple of drops of the anxiety blend to the back of your dog's collar. By adding to the back of their collar there is no risk in them being able to lick or consume the essential oils.