So, when in the car, always use a restraint harness for a large dog.

These homes fold up “suitcase style” for easy transport and storage. All panels are connected and set up within seconds! They are preferred by those who take their dogs with them when travelling. Fold and carry crates are wire mesh construction. No tools are required to assemble these crates. They are perfect for the dog owner who wants a dog crate that is portable, but also very tough.

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It’s best to be prepared when we have to transport our beloved dogs in the car and a car crate is a good option to keep a pet safe. However, not all types of crates offer the same level of safety: wire crates and foldable crates aren’t sturdy enough (they severely deformed in crash tests undertaken by the ). That’s why this post discusses plastic carriers and aluminum car crates only.


Pet carriers, dog crates, car seat protectors, cargo covers, booster seats, travel beds for dogs and cats. Give your pet a cozy, safe place on the go. The largest varicocage made! The Max is designed for big dogs! Variocages are constructed of steel to meet the highest level of safety, and they are the only crates on the market that are built to meet the demands of a rear-end collision. They are flexible enough to absorb impact, but strong enough to retain their shape. Variocages are carefully crafted so that no feature on the crate can hurt the dog. In addition, they are designed with an escape door in the rear so that you can get your dog out of either side of the crate in the event of an accident. The cages are also absolutely silent—there’s no rattling or other noises. All models are equipped with tie-down straps for securing to cargo anchor points, a rubber carpet, and safety locks (keys included). The quality of these crates is incredible; they are designed to last a lifetime.

Product - Carlson Compact and Secure Metal Dog Crate.

If you are like me, you worry about what will happen to your dog in a car accident. I have taken three dogs across the country twice. I thought about it the whole time. There is a crash-tested safety harness, but on long car rides with the car packed to the brim, I find it easier and more comfortable for the dog if they can be loose in a secured crate.

2015 Crate Study Results - Center for Pet Safety

Of course, your dog's size and the mode of transportation you will be taking are the two biggest factors to take into account when choosing the best dog travel crate for your needs. Your pet will have to fit comfortably in the carrier without having too much excess room, and the carrier will need to be appropriate for the car, plane, train, or other mode of transportation that you'll be taking.Measuring your dog is the only way that you're going to be able to select the most appropriate size travel crate. Some pet carriers will give weight guidelines and other will give breed specifications, but you shouldn't trust these guidelines. Two dogs, both weighing 55 pounds, can have completely different measurements, and the same can be said for two different dogs of the same breed.