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To become a dog trainer, you must learn from the many great dog trainers that have come before you! That’s why CATCH provides you with a complete set of study materials that will make up Your Trainer’s Library for your studies, your dog training career, your life.

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We offer a variety of Internships/Apprenticeships for those wanting to learn more about the dog training industry. Internships are only available at our facility in Harmony, North Carolina. Internships are only available for those who demonstrate serious interest in pursuing a dog training job with our company. We do not offer general internships. Internships are only offered to those who complete, at a minimum, our 12-week Canine Training and Behavior Modification Professionals Course through our School for Dog Trainers with a minimum score of 90%.

How Dog Training Certification will Advance Your Career.

Here’s a list of 3 necessary steps to a career as professional dog trainer: I think what confuses them is the “dog” part of the equation. Without that, the rest of it makes perfect sense. Believe it or not, dogs are actually only a small fraction of what makes a dog training career. In fact, I know excellent dog trainers who don’t particularly like any other dogs than their own. I also know dog trainers who don’t like people very much, but love dogs…and I have to say they just aren’t as good at it.

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Welcome to the world’s most fascinating classroom, where lead instructors like , CPDT-KA, CCDT (CATCH Founder and seven-year Director of Training for the biggest dog care business in New York City), , CPDT-KA, CCBC (named one of the top people who changed the world of dogs by Bark Magazine), and , CPDT-KA (wildlife biologist and animal trainer who has trained polar bears, sea lions, and primates in addition to dogs)… will guide you through a week of intense skill-building and knowledge discovery. Upon completion of this workshop, you will earn a certificate and be ready to make an impact on the dog world with an impressive skill set to put behind your passion.

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