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If you have a small dog and need to take them with you then try this terrific front carrier. This legs-out carrier is perfect for senior dogs that may not be able to walk very far, but would love to come along for the ride.

This video shows 13 year old Sheba, a wonderful Yorkie-Poo in her favourite way to travel. This padded front carrier is very comfortable and secure and she just loves being able to come with her owner instead of being left behind. This carrier lets dogs have their legs hang out rather than being squished, which for older dogs many times is a necessary feature to ensure comfort. For more information on caring for your older dog visit:

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Although the Pet-A-Roo did not work for Ace’s dimensions, I think it is a great carrier for puppies and dogs of small stature as well as weight. Wearing the carrier on your front allows you to watch your puppy while traveling, reward her easily for good behavior, and kiss her little head every time you think about how cute she looks, which is probably frequently. Given that a puppy owner likely has spent much more money on her dog than she ever imagined, and given the puppy might grow out of the carrier quickly, Outward Hound’s affordable pricing is another appealing feature of the Pet-A-Roo for puppies.

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Dogs Bag Portable Outdoor Breathable Mesh Pet Dog Cat Carrier Bags Shoulder Backpack Travel Carriers Bag For Small Puppy Dog By now we know that dogs love to tag along with their humans whether walking, cycling or hiking. Smaller breeds, however, do get tired, especially for long distances. They may need to rest or be carried. Petsfit realized that and came up with an ergonomically designed dog backpack carrier that became very popular.

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You've seen parents of small infants carrying their children around in a backpack type of carrier. There are the same kind of pet carriers, but usually designed for dogs. Obviously, the shape of a human baby's body and the shape of a dog's body are much different. Your pet would not be comfortable riding in a backpack carrier designed for a human.

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Well, you want your little furry friend as close to you as possible, and it’s only natural when you’re out on the town to keep it safe and protected. The Ultimate Pet Sling, from Fundle, will do just that. This stylish carrier is a combination of a messenger bag and a – perfect for small dogs and cats. As pet owners we tend to divide the world in two: big dogs vs small dogs. One advantage of having a small dog is that, in general, it’s easier to take care of, it doesn’t need too much space and can be carried around with you wherever you go. The Hipster is a great way to have your Pooch by your side all day long. It is soft and sturdy and will have your pet tucked comfortably and safely close to you, while you’re walking around town, hands free.