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3. Other Toys for canine Einsteins. Among the leaders in the enrichment movement (and in offering products designed by top trainers and behaviorists) is Premier. is one my pets love. And designs puzzles that really put a pet’s mind to the test. She makes interactive toys and treat puzzles for dogs, cats, and other animals, including those that require pets to move blocks, spin discs, and work through layers. Ottosson's toys used to be hard to find, but they're easy to find online and in boutique pet-stores -- even Amazon carries them now.

Aïkiou “IQ” is a Canadian dog toys and cat toys manufacturer founded in 2008.

Our pet care center in Raleigh offers a variety of dog toys and cat toys. Bring your pet along to choose a new favorite toy from our wide selection, or take a look when picking them up from or . We proudly offer a wide variety of pet toys to dog and cat owners in Raleigh:

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Pet toys for Pets badge. Simple fleece cat and dog toys make great donations. There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of dog and cat toys on the market, but they aren’t all equal. Some toys will hold your pet’s interest for months while others will lie forgotten in a corner after just an afternoon of play. So how do you choose the right pet toys? Look for .

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Take a peek into the Happy Pets store, and you'll see that four new toys are marked 'coming soon." Seems like forever since we got a few new toys to entertain our pets with. Look like we'll soon have a new dog toy -- a ball -- and three new cat toys -- a feather on a stick, catnip bag and a ball of yarn. A ball of yarn? Yikes! That's dangerous for real-life felines, but we guess it'll be OK for our virtual purr-monsters.

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Dogma™ has the coolest selection of dog & cat toys on the planet. We have everything from tuff toys for chewers to soft toys for snugglers. We have toys to chase, fetch, tug, stimulating toys, and on and on! Dogma™ loves cats too and has plenty to entertain your feline king or queen.Dog toys can get expensive. Making your own not only saves you money but can be a bonding session with your favorite furry animal. - Tap the pin for the most adorable pawtastic fur baby apparel! You'll love the dog clothes and cat clothes!Main Library – All Ages – Drop-in – Help keep paws busy at the Associated Humane Societies of New Jersey by making cat and dog toys for our sheltered friends. has debuted one toy line for dogs and two for cats. The Madcap line of dog toys features whimsical canvas and plush toys, perfect for inside play. The line features eight colorful characters that include sound and movement for added fun. The toys are designed for an interactive game of toss and fetch or for alone play, and they are sized to suit any breed.