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For large breed dogs, you can designate a room for Kitty’s litter boxes and place a baby gate in the doorway, but raise it about a foot off of the ground. A better bet in your case would be a personal passage for your cats to their private lavatory in a separate room or closet. You can either try a magnetic or electronic kitty door that will only open for pets wearing the collar key. Or you can try my personal favorite: the “Cathole,” a mouse-hole shaped entryway that you insert into a door. It's big enough for both regular as well as plus-sized cats but keeps most dogs—and infants for that matter—out. Even with the enticement of last night’s table scraps, neither my 35 pound Australian Cattle Dog nor my 20 pound Scottie—who due to some weird act of nature has the same sized head and teeth but a smaller body than the cattle dog—could shove her way through past her chest. They just paddled and strained, their heads protruding through like mounted trophies.

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The majority of dog proof cat litter boxes will have a hole which your cat has to enter through in order to be able to “go potty” inside the unit. The idea behind this is that these holes are designed to only fit cats and not dogs, thus restricting your dog’s access to the interior of the litter box.

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If you have any suggestions on how to keep dogs away from cat food and litter boxes, please share your ideas below. Many of these litter boxes could be more accurately described as dog resistant rather than dog proof, but this depends on the size of your dog. It’s fairly obvious to notice that smaller dogs are closer to the scale of a cat, therefore, more likely to be able to access a litter box. But on the other hand, cats are more acrobatic and are able to jump higher than a dog.

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The Door Buddy provided a very simple, inexpensive, and easy-to-install solution to allowing cats in and keeping dogs out of the litter boxes. (Photo by Susan C. Willett)

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But, before we carry on with any more details, let’s have a quick look at our recommended best dog proof litter boxes of today that are more than capable of deterring any curious dog from getting access to inside your cat’s litter box.Although you might think that training a cat to use a litter box is similar to house training a dog, that's not actually the case: Cats are naturally inclined to eliminate waste by pawing through a sand-like substance in a private location. Most of the problems people encounter when litter training a cat are man-made. A clever kitty might not want to use its litter box if its owner chooses the wrong type of litter, doesn't provide enough litter boxes, doesn't clean the box properly or places it in the wrong location. Fortunately, that last problem in particular is easily solved with some feline-human compromise.Easiest To Clean: Besides being one of the best dog proof cat litter boxes out there today, this unit is also one of the easiest to clean, and we thought we’d mention this here because we know for a fact that this is a serious issue for many.
This kitty litter box is one of the dog proof litter boxes that doesn’t have a top entry point. Instead of entering though the top, your cat will enter through a small hole in the side. The creators of this box were extra smart though, instead of leading directly to the litter box the first hole leads to an area with a second hole that is staggered so the dog couldn’t just stick its head into the hole. Not only is this a very practical kitty litter box this box will keep your kids out while looking stylish. The box is designed to look like a seat or another piece of furniture and also offers a place for your cat to sit.