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Have you lost a dog or cat? PawBoost is here to help you raise local awareness for your lost dog, lost cat, or other type of missing family member.

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Cause of fracture-dislocation
In small breed dogs, landing on the hind limb from a fall or being stepped on is the most common cause of fracture-dislocations of the paw. In large breed dogs, substantial trauma is needed to cause this type of injury such as being hit by a car, getting the paw caught in a fence or getting the paw caught in a hole in the ground when running. Sometimes the injury will result in an open wound over the fracture-dislocation in which dirt and hair usually are driven into the tissues. This could potentially result in infection and delayed healing.

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Paw pads aren't just for decoration. In both cats and dogs, they help with balance and stability. Adoptions
PawsCo Adoptions division saves dogs and cats from underserved shelters, with a focus on rescuing pets in need from the state of Colorado. The rescue is an all-breed, foster-based organization where all pets live in foster homes – rather than a shelter – until adopted.

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Foster parents are needed for dogs, cats, and kittens. PAWS provides vet care, spay/neuter surgery, donated food and supplies when possible, and support in reaching potential adopters through adoption events, online exposure, and more.

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PAWS is a 501(c)3 nonprofit dog and cat rescue.
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Vision: PAWS's vision is a community where responsible actions result in fewer homeless dogs and cats.

2017 PAWS Officers and Board Members - all volunteers:And that's why today I decided to share this guide to cat and dog paw prints. It's the perfect place to continue your journey as a budding naturalist or tracker.These are the $12 available from (good question). They come in dog and cat varieties and are 'realistically printed showing the top and bottom sides of your favorite furry animal paws'. You know, provided your favorite furry animal paws belong to a dog or cat. My favorite furry animal? Hyenas. I like them because they always laugh at my jokes. Hey -- you remember when Scar killed Mufasa in The Lion King? *Hyena laughter* You guys are sick.Japan’s longstanding fascination with cat paws is not exactly new. To many Japanese feline lovers, cat paws smell like nice things (right from caramel crepes, to wheat and sunflowers) and their soft, smooth texture is considered mysteriously soothing. Cat paws are so popular that a couple of years ago, a company came out with that not only left the users’ hands as smooth to the touch as a cat’s paw, but also made their skin smell like it too. But now, the organizers of the 2017 Japan Pet Fair, are taking this obsession one step further with two unique ice creams designed to have the texture and flavor of cat and dog paws.