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We’ve all heard the saying, “They fight like cats and dogs,” but the truth is that cats and dogs are not mortal enemies. Often, and dogs get along just like any other members of a family. Sometimes they fuss, sometimes they fight, but many times, you’ll find them collaborating to steal food, grooming each other, and curling up together at bedtime.

It's difficult to measure memory in cats and dogs — or any animal, for that matter.

A survey of pet owners in the U.K. may make dog owners even hotter under the collar. Cat owners are apparently smarter than dog owners, researchers at the discovered. At least they're more likely to have college degrees or advanced degrees.

Cats at the Westminster Dog Show?! What could possibly go wrong?

On our Almost Heaven Ranch in north Idaho, in fact, the score is dead even: four dogs, four cats. Puppy cat (or puppy-like cat, dog-like cat, etc.) is a term used to refer to specific of that feature unusual behavioral tendencies that are reminiscent of young , those tendencies within the general, broad scope of being enhanced through . Specific examples include the tendency to follow owners and other people around from room to room, the desire to receive frequent moments of such as being held and petted, a lack of toward some fellow animals (such as other felines), and a general placid nature. "Puppy cat" and related terms have been used to label breeds such as the '', '', '', '', and ''. While these attributes are found desirable , problems can occur when the felines are and strange people, with the cats possibly being too trusting and too friendly for their own good.

Title: The Truth About Cats & Dogs (1996)

Cat breeder Anthony Hutcherson shows off a Bengal Cat on Monday in New York. The Bengal Cat will be featured at the 141st Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in a non-competitive "meet the breeds" exhibition, where cats will be shown for the first time. Bebeto Matthews/AP hide caption

I LEARNED THAT THE CATS AND dogs can get along like humans

Swift also wrote a poem, “City Shower” (1710), that described floods that occurred after heavy rains. The floods left dead animals in the streets, and may have led locals to describe the weather as “raining cats and dogs.” Cats n Dogs offers food, treats, herbal remedies, toys, unique gifts for cats, dogs and their people. We specialize in natural and holistic dry and canned foods, limited ingredient diets, raw and freeze dried foods for picky or finicky eaters. The largest independent pet supply store in Port Charlotte, we are able to offer the “stuff” you don’t see everywhere.Again, we don’t know for certain. Etymologists—people who study the origins of words—have suggested a variety of mythological and literal explanations for why people say “it’s raining cats and dogs” to describe a heavy downpour. Here are some of the popular theories:Both Thompson and the Chesapeake Cats and Dogs animal rescue group think someone tossed the kitten from a moving car as they crossed the bridge.