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Even though some plastic bowls are made with better materials (like the one mentioned below in this list), most of them aren't. On the bright side, there's plenty of options to choose from of cheap dog food bowls that are made of glass, ceramic, stainless steel or stoneware. These bowls are not only more sturdy than plastic bowls, they are safer too.

Some very cheap dog food bowls made in China with no safety testing may contain other harmful toxins for dogs, including the infamous .

Each bowl has a rubber base to keep it steady and non-slip. They’re easy to wash and maintain, and these best cheap dog food bowls are even dishwasher-safe.

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19 items - Find cheap dog food and water bowls for free shipping, worldwide delivery. Many of the best cheap dog food bowls are made of stainless steel. This material is durable, easy to clean and safe for holding dog food or water. When washed regularly, stainless steel bowls for dogs will not contaminate food or water, and bacteria will not grow on them.

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We're also covering these five of the best cheap dog food bowls as great options for anybody looking for affordable yet safe food, and talking about their pros and cons:

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hen it comes to the many different dog supplies you'll need to care for a pup, you're probably thinking that the choice of dog bowls will be a no-brainer. Actually, there are many different to choose from and tons of different styles as well. The best cheap dog food bowls will not only serve their purpose, but they'll be safe for your pet too.A few reviewers noted that the sticker label on these best cheap dog food bowls is placed on the bottom of the inside of the bowl. The sticker is hard to remove and leaves a lot of glue behind, thus contaminating the food or water. While some owners thought the bowls were too small for large breeds, other complained that they were too large for extra small and teacup breeds.This is one of the best cheap dog food bowls as it was designed to encourage dogs to eat slower, and become healthier for it. Made of premium plastic, this bowl has ridges and mazes that urge dogs to explore and find their food. In effect, this design lengthens meal time allowing food to be digested properly. The bowls are available in small (2 cups) and large sizes (4 cups) and in three exciting colors and designs.Don’t use these best cheap dog food bowls to feed big pets since this will be inadequate for their needs, or for pets known to react adversely to plastic. Plastic bowls can also cause acne to develop on your dog's chin or around his face, which some unsatisfied reviewers say happened to their pets because of these bowls.