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All dog owners, urban and rural alike, are targeted by dog-snatching gangs. These thieves are hired by quasi-legal dog butchers to supply meat on the cheap. They’re increasingly brazen and armed with machetes and tasers. And they confront pet lovers with a horrible choice: back down or fight back.

“It’s also a poor region and dog meat is cheap compared to pork or beef,” he said.

The grinder and the meat coming out of it was gross, but I don’t see it going into any pet food. There are too many other agricultural by-products out there that are much more abundant than (and cheaper than) euthanized cats and dogs to use it pet food. It’s not common knowledge because it’s not happening. There are many other uses for ground up pets than for pet food (such as fertilizer or cosmetics).

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A women looking for a cheap small dog. But typical meat dog is over 200K KRW ($177 USD). we feed our 60 lb lab a raw diet of a quarter pound of hamburger, a few grated carrots, a raw egg and its shell, an apple or a banana, and any bland leftovers we have lying around (potato peels, bread crusts, old oatmeal) twice a day. The cost works out to be about 1.25 a day for the 2 meals. Not the cheapest, but since everything is raw, we find she occasionally gets sick if we buy bargain basement meat or eggs. (which was a wake up call to us to not buy this stuff for ourselves either). She is the healthiest, glossiest dog and the vet is always shocked by how clean her teeth are. I am not a big raw evangelist, but it is true that dogs don't get much out of the grains--I have observed that they come straight out the other end. There's also some evidence grains irritate the stomach and intestines of all dogs and that chronic inflammation can lead to problems down the road...

The cheapest dog foods on the market are meat flavored.

We make homemade dog food for my dog, also named Murphy. I buy the natural dry dog food at a local pet store that carries a generic brand from a local dog food maker. It's a little pricey - $45 for a 30-pound bag, but it lasts at least two months because I heavily supplement it with homemade dog food. I buy my dog the cheapest cut of meat I can find. He loves eating pork shoulder, so I buy a big 7-8 pound shoulder and that lasts about two weeks. Just throw it in the Crockpot with some water and it's done and makes a nice gravy. I can find a pork shoulder for .69 per pound, so it's typically around $5. I was buying Science Diet for about $1.69 a can and that would last him about 3 days. So I'm saving about $3 every two weeks and this carnivore is eating his meat without all the crappy fillers and by-products.

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