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Why We Like It – This collar offers negative reinforcement by using a fragrance that the dogs hate called Citronella. When the dog barks, Citronella gets sprayed to his face. The spray is completely harmless, and the dog will associate it with the barking, and eventually stop barking.

Citronella spray collars utilize a small reservoir of citronella liquid, which is sprayed in mist form around the dog's face when activated

Citronella spray collars utilize a small reservoir of citronella liquid, which is sprayed in mist form around the dog’s face when activated. The mist, combined with the unpleasant smell, surprises the dog to deter unwanted barking. Spray collars are most appropriate for shy, timid dogs with moderate barking. Aggressive, intelligent dogs will learn how to empty the collar’s reservoir. The biggest downside to citronella collars is that they require frequent maintenance and, of course, you’re going to have to deal with the smell of citronella.

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Apr 26, 2017 - Citronella collars are a great option for owners seeking to put an end to their dog's constant barking. Check out five of the best options here. It works well for my Border Collie, 35-40lbs. However my Black Lab, 90lbs decided to bark AT the collar till it ran out of juice. That's just MY lab for you though. I have used similar collars on my rehab dogs and I would say it works 85% of the time. My one annoyance with this one is that it sprays when you turn it on. I guess as a check feature it is nice to be sure it's working, but I just find it wasteful.

Compared to other brands, it is pretty similar. Citronella collars have the added bonus as a mosquito repellent, which is nice.

Beware long haired dog and loud drinker dog owners. This collar will spray when it senses the louder slurping noises of a extra joweled dogs. Also long hair breeds such as Chow Chow or Pyrenees may find it difficult to work because the spray can get caught in the fur and the surprise spray to the face is half the deterrent. The smell after a while doesn't bother the dog, it is the initial spray to the face that really sells this collar. Dogs don't like to be sprayed in the face and neither do you. They learn quickly if I bark, I get sprayed. Works best on medium to short hair dogs in my opinion.

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Citronella collars spray into a dog’s face when they bark. While the experience isn’t exactly painful, it is most definitely unpleasant. The intended effect is that the dog quickly learns to associate barking with citronella sprays so that the mailman won’t get barked at anymore. Unfortunately, these collars rarely work as intended.

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The aim of our study was to investigate whether citronella-spray collars offer a humane alternative to electric-shock collars to reduce the barking of domestic dogs. The Aboistop collar was applied to seven dogs with problematic barking behaviour by the dogs' owners in a series of case studies concurrently run. Vocalisation of the dogs was recorded in the problem context under baseline conditions, inactive collar conditions, and active collar conditions. The Aboistop collar was effective at reducing problem vocalization for only three of seven dogs and appeared to be most effective for dogs whose problem barking had developed more recently. The collar may be more humane than other punishment methods, but it did produce stress reactions which varied in severity across the dogs. Clinical Relevance. In our study, the collar was applied by the dogs' owners in order to test whether the collar would be effective when used by members of the public. While the results here are preliminary, they suggest that the collar may be effective for some dogs, but not for others, when applied by dog owners for the treatment of problem vocalisation. Further research is required to determine whether the collar could be effective when administered by a trained professional.As loving dog parents, we have to be very discriminate consumers when buying products for our precious pooches. Just because it's being sold in all pet stores doesn't mean it's safe! If your dog's barking has gotten so consistent and loud that it's keeping your entire neighborhood up at night, you might have considered using citronella oil in the form of an "anti-bark" collar. But is it really safe and effective? Read on to find out more.