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Some dogs bark incessantly when their anxiety levels are high. If this is an issue, try a citronella collar that spurts a cloud of citronella into your dog's face when he barks. The collar consists of a battery-operated box that is loaded with citronella. The box is attached to a webbing collar that goes around your dog's neck. The vibrations from your dog's bark will set the collar off. The collar sends a spurt of citronella which surprises your dog into silence. Dogs quickly learn the routine. This is a fairly expensive product but it can provide immediate relief for some dogs. The box may be too large and heavy for very small dogs and it may not work at all for very stubborn or overly sensitive dogs. You may have to thin or trim the neck hair of long-haired dogs or the vibrations from barking may not register with the box. In addition, with double coated dogs, the citronella may simply go into your dog's coat. It is both the spicy scent and the surprising spurt of air that gets your dog's attention. You may not have to use the collar for an extended period of time. It should be used in conjunction with behavior modification, increased socialization, increased exercise and possible medication. There are also similar collars that provide electric shocks instead of the spurt of air with citronella. If you are desperate to stop incessant barking and you have a highly insensitive dog this may be a last resort. As with all such tools, these collars are effective when they are on and in working order. They do not train your dog but are a temporary measure only.

Citronella spray collars utilize a small reservoir of citronella liquid, which is sprayed in mist form around the dog's face when activated

A bark collar is a device that works by stimulating the dog negatively if the dog starts barking. There are collars out there that administer this negative stimulant by delivering an electric shock by using a rather small amount of electricity; just enough for the dog to realize that he has done something wrong. Other collars do this in a different way; for example, by using an annoying sound that only the dog can hear. It is very effective, because the dog will only hear it when he barks; meaning that in order to stop the sound from appearing again, the dog will understand that he needs to stop barking. Other collars include the smell method, which uses citronella (a smell that the dogs dont like) in case the dog barks.

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Spray Collar For Small Dogs - No Bark Collar Citronella Spray Anti-bark Collar For Dogs Kit - Safe, Effective, And Humane Dog Barking Control Collar. Citronella bark collars work on small/medium to medium sized dogs that don’t have a strong personality. The size of the control box on the citronella collar can sometimes be a bit too large for very small or toy dogs, while large or stubborn dogs can sometimes not be effectively curbed from barking by the citronella spray.

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In summary, while the small sample size precludes unequivocal evidence of the efficacy of citronella collars, it appeared effective for three and ineffective for four of the seven dogs. Thus, citronella collars may be effective for reducing or eliminating the vocalisations of some dogs but not others. In our study, it appeared that the collars were more effective with dogs that had a shorter vocalisation history. For other dogs, an initial reduction in vocalisation when the active collar was applied was not maintained with continued use.

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