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When I lived in Chicago I dyed my Maltese to attract extra attention, as a sort of walking advertisement for my clinic. Now that I am semi-retired, I still dye one of my dog´s heads because she is sand-colored and I am worried about her when she is running off leash on the beach.

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Merle can affect all coat colors. The merle forms of brown and black are usually called "red" (though this is not correct; red and merle are genetically different) and "blue" as patches of blue are formed throughout the coat. Merle is a dilution gene just like the blue, chocolate in a traditional color but without the color of blue DNA. Merle has its own colours and DNA; a blue merle is a dog who has blue patches on its body, red and some are chocolate or "cookies and cream". Dogs who are recessive red can still be affected by merle, but the patches are either hardly seen or, if the dog is a clear recessive red, are not visible at all. Combinations such as merle exist, but are not typically accepted in .[]

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Creative Haven Dazzling Dogs Coloring Book by Marjorie Sarnat, "Sunshine"
While the Agouti gene (A Locus) does determine the base coat color in dogs that are ky/ky for Dominant Black, the color of the dog can still be modified by other genes, such as the B Locus or D Locus. For example, a dog that is "b/b "for the B Locus will still have all areas that would be pigmented as black modified to a chocolate pigment. Thus a fawn dog that is also "b/b" will just show a chocolate nose, whereas a dog that is "at/at" will be chocolate and tan, rather than black and tan.

Creative Haven Dazzling Dogs Coloring Book

Researchers studying the agouti-signalling peptide (ASIP) gene have identified four different alleles that affect the pigmentation of coat color in dogs. In dogs that do not carry the dominant black gene (ky/ky at the K Locus) and are not "e/e" for the E Locus, the agouti gene is allowed to express and determines the color of the dog's coat. The four alleles work as a hierarchy, with the most dominant allele that the dog has always being expressed (assuming n/n for the K Locus). The most dominant allele is "ay", followed by "aw", then "at", then "a."

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Dogs are playful, furry creatures that make some of the most adorable pets. They are man’s best companion and are always ready to be on one’s side whatever the occasion may be. There are hundreds of different dog breeds throughout the world which vary greatly in size and color. Dog coloring pages depict various types of dogs which makes filling them up with diversified colors an interesting experience. Kids can play with an array of colors and paint on these sketches which may appear both cartoonish as well as realistic. In this website, we present you with numerous printable dog coloring pages to choose from. They allow children to explore their creativity and also provide them with sufficient mental stimulation.I personally wouldn't use the food coloring. Not that I know for certain it's unsafe, but I prefer to feed as naturally as possible and don't know that dogs really have a color preference when it comes to birthday cake.