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Four paws dog nail clippers really impressed us with the quality construction and materials that they used. We also appreciate trying to differentiate from other brands with interesting handles that we feel do make using them much easier. Our major gripes are with the lack of having a sharp blade out of the package and not including an impact spring. But for someone who can sharpen the blade themselves and don’t suffer from hand fatigue easily then these are a perfectly acceptable choice.

The ConairPRO dog nail clipper allows you to trim your pet's nails with comfort and confidence. The ergonomic handle fits comforta

As alluded to, you will have to deal with some quality shortcuts since Ecloud Shop’s apparent strategy is to offer up a wide array of dog nail clippers at an affordable cost and taking advantage of all of the popular features and designs but without a ton of consideration on long-lasting potential. Common issues include handles giving out and the blades dulling to the point that they need to be replaced.

Spectacular New Year Deal: ConairPro Dog Nail Clipper, Yellow

A heavy duty nail clipper designed for dogs over 40 pounds. Constructed from German stainless steel and made in Italy, this clippe QINF has decided to go the proven route of having a wide variety of popular, manual guillotine and scissor type dog nail clippers. Most of their products are about average in regards to trimming performance and durability. What baffles us is why they are so expensive compared to very similar products on the market. In the very congested dog nail clippers market it is important to do something that makes you stand out and apart from their huge product range, QINF seems to be lacking that.

Going Fast! conairpro dog nail clipper, yellow for $7.14 from Conair.

Compared to other similar priced products on the market, Wahl dog nail clippers tend to be about average, without bright spots and areas of concern on both extremes. Specifically, their blades are made of nice, quality steel that is properly heat treated. However, there have been many reports of the blades not being very sharp upon arrival which means that you are forced to sharpen them yourself. Also, the nail guard that is intended to limit the amount of nail you can put inside is lackluster on several of the products (with the Wahl EZ-Nail Clipper being an exception). Also, the electric grinder’s motor is a bit on the weak side so it may struggle with larger nails despite the grinder bit being perfectly acceptable from a performance standpoint.

Conair Pro Dog Nail Clipper, LARGE.