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Conair's air attack aircraft, more commonly known as "bird dogs", are aircraft that contain the pilot and Air Attack Officer. The bird dogs ensure the runs to be made by the laden airtankers are safe and free of obstructions. The crew inside the bird dog determine the run locations and drop types to be made, coordinate the aerial action with the ground crews if present and control the airspace around the fire. The attack aircraft are Piper PA-60 Aerostars, Rockwell Turbo Commanders, and Cessna 208 Caravans. These aircraft are always used in conjunction with the airtankers.

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Conair's tankers include Air Tractor AT-802F, and AT-802F Amphibious "Fireboss" variants, Convair CV580s, (retrofitted ), Douglas DC-6s, Lockheed L188 Electra, and . Conair's headquarters are in Abbotsford at the which also is where their maintenance and facility is located. Conair bases their aircraft under contract to fire control agencies throughout western Canada and the US. Currently, Conair airtanker groups (a group consists of one birddog and from one to four airtankers) are contracted to agencies in BC, Alberta, Yukon and Alaska. Conair serves as the Canadian dealer for Olney, Texas-based Air Tractor, which produces the AT-802F, one of only three types of aircraft specifically designed for aerial firefighting (the others being the Canadair CL-215 and 415 models).

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Conair Corporation Conairpro Dog PGRD420 2-in-1 Pet Clipper/Trimmer Kit 5-position adjustable, detachable, ground-steel diamond-sh A fierce firefight breaks out between the two factions, forcing the convicts to flee in the Jailbird. Having escaped once more, the convicts celebrate, until Diamond Dog brings a child's letter to Grissom, identifying a "traitor" among them. Before Poe can confess to opposing the convicts' plans, the plane is attacked by military helicopters, forcing the plane to crash land in Las Vegas, NV.

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Diamond Dog, like Billy Bedlam, , and Cyrus "The Virus", is one of the most dangerous convicts in the movie. A black supremacist, he strongly despises white people (he has murdered people for simply being white, making him the most biased character in the movie), but he is willing to work with them in order to further his own goals. He strongly despises authority, desperately wanting to kill the "pigs" immediately, getting frustrated easily when Poe and Cyrus stop him from doing so. It is shown that he has contempt for Pinball and , despite them being black, as they do not share his black supremacy beliefs. Despite his cruel and violent nature, he is afraid of Garland Greene (due to the atrocious nature of his killings) and Cyrus "The Virus" (due to Cyrus killing Cindino for betraying him).

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