Josephine. DIY dog ears for Snoopy's costume design.

Humans of all ages, sizes and genders can quickly turn into slobbering, drooling, barking pooches with our Dog Ears and Tail. These costume accessories are all you need to go from eating with a fork and reading Shakespeare to wagging your tongue, enjoying the open air bathrooms of fire hydrants, and being intimate with any leg you come across. Practice your whining, begging, growling and general wreaking of canine havoc before going to a Halloween party or the grocery store in this set of ears and tail. Cat chasing is entirely optional.

Dalmatian Fancy Dress Costume Accessory Set 101 Dalmatians Dog Ears & Tail Kit

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Josephine. DIY dog ears for Snoopy's costume design.

dog ears and tail costumes | Home / Dalmation Ears Nose And Tail Set For Kids Spotty Dog or Adults Brown Dog Ears and Tail Costume Kit - Who doesn't want to be a lovable floppy-eared brown dog? This soft brown plush kit has over-sized floppy ears which are attached to a soft brown plush covered head band. Matching dog tail will make you the hit of the dog park when you move. #costume #yyc #dog #ears #tail #animal

Floppy dog ears costume pattern More

Usually cat ears and bunny ears (and mouse ears, duh) are the most popular picks for Halloween. Thanks to the well-loved puppy filter on Snapchat, I've got a feeling that we'll be seeing a lot of dog ears at all the Halloween parties and costume cont

Floppy dog ears costume pattern

But here's the good news,'s your chance to prove this old and admittedly pretty unimportant nursery rhyme wrong! Because this Puppy Dog Ears and Tail costume is what think when we think "everything nice"...slip on the brown headband with the attached floppy puppy ears, and hook on the matching brown tail with the white tip, and you'll be inspiring adorable comparisons everywhere. After all, what's better than a lovable, loyal household pet? Nothing! Not even sugar spice! (Okay, we're done now...)Adult or Child's Puppy Dog Ears Tail Costume Set - #halloween #halloweencostumes #costumes - Includes Ears & Tail. Great Costume AccessoryPerfect For Kids or Adults10 Count Puppy Dog Ears Costume Birthday Party by LetterShelves, $16.50- Carter loves paw patrol, so this would be adorable to have at his party!This adult dog costume comes with everything you need to get that adorable, lovable puppy dog look this Halloween. The faux fur jumpsuit has a zipper closure in front for easy in and out and maximum comfort for all night wear. The faux fur footies are attached to the jumpsuit and the attached hood has floppy ears and a wide opening for the face so you can also be your adorable self this Halloween. Whether you want to play the bad boy card like a certain cartoon pup or you want to be the imaginary television dog, then this costume is for you!