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If your pet is prone to chewing their dog beds, the has specially taped edges to help discourage that. If you're looking for a really stylish dog cot hammock, the is a striking option- with buyers commending its well-heeled appearance ().

Picture a cot. Got it in your mind? Ok, well, that’s pretty much what an elevated dog bed looks like!

This cooling cot dog bed offered by Go Pet Club is well-made, durable and a good choice if you are looking for a reasonably priced bed. Users love that it’s lightweight, easy to clean and that it’s suitable for outdoor use.

Self-Warming Pet Cot™ - Self-Warming, Raised Dog Bed

Treat your dog to the comfort they deserve. Coolaroo® Cot Style Pet Beds are ideal for any dog regardless of age, breed or weight. With available options that include pillow comforters, gusset loungers and cots, these water and weatherproof dog beds are made for every preference. Some outdoor dog beds can easily be brought indoors, while others—like the cot styles—can double as great elevated camping options. The same water resistant or fast drying features on these waterproof dog beds can also make for convenient rest spots for older or incontinent canines who need frequent cleanups.

Gen7Pets Cool-Air Cot™ Dog Bed ..

You get these Cots in options like small, medium and large. If you are looking for the best outdoor dog beds for large dogs, opting for these Cots, you are assured to get the best value for your money as the Cot will accommodate your pet in assuring comfort and safely. Coming with a hood, it protects the dog from the heat and the light of the sun.

Designer Cot Dog Bed - Drs. Foster and Smith

How to Make a PVC Pet Cot or Bed Video will show you step-by-step how to sew an elevated dog bed or cot. This dog bed is made from PVC pipe and outdoor mesh ...Generally, users are happy with the softness, durability, and sturdiness of this dog furniture bed. One buyer states that this elevated pet cot is well-constructed, solid and her German Shepherd loves it. Another customer shares that her Labradors use the bed constantly, and it bears their weight with no problems. Welcome to Berker's Dog Beds. We make comfortable, high-quality, and sturdy , , unique and . Our beds are designed for comfort and outdoor weatherconditions and our prices are competitive. We are able to do this by usingwidely available materials. These materials have let us create a great line of elevatedoutdoor dog beds. Our dogs love their outdoor dog cots and we hope yours willtoo. View Our and . Wedonate $1.00 from every bed purchase to Boxer Rescue LA.These cot style dog beds are popular in pet shelters and rescues. They get the dog off the cold floor and flexible bedding is easy on the joints. It's also easier to clean underneath this raised bed. Buying one of these cot style beds will cost anywhere from $60-$100. You can build one using PVC for less than $30.