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Our Rondo Cow Leather Choker is very different and provides you with perfect control without actually hurting your dog. The collar is made using 2 layers of super soft cow leather while the inner layer that actually gets in contact with your dogs neck is double folded and wider, distributing the force over a larger area. The round edges of this soft inner layer is also gentle to your dogs fur.

The Twisted Cow dog collars and leashes. Rave Twirl. Fabulously neon and fun.

Hound Dogs: A large dog collar cow bell with big sound to help differentiate a specific dog from the rest of your pack! Also includes nylon strap that will fit over your tracking collars!

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Woody / Toy Story: Dog collar with jean material? And cow hide fabric for a bow tie. The Belted Cow produces some of the best Nautical-Themed Dog Collars we've ever seen. Lots of their ribbon patterns are designed by local artists. And every dog in Maine has one!

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Do you like the idea of dressing up your dog in a cow skin collar, but can't stand the thought that a cow gave it's life so that more intelligent creatures could use that cow for a cheeseburger and a dog collar? Not even a calf embryo was spoken to sternly for this collar. It's all made from metal and micro-organisms that died in shallow seas millions and millions of years ago. And we only use the certified petrochemicals derived from particularly evil micro-organisms that tried to eat other, more peaceful micro-organisms back in that day. Go ahead. Buy the collar. Have that cheeseburger. You deserve it.

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Hound Dogs: A small hunting dog collar cow bell with a softer sound making it easier to distinguish a single dog from the rest of your pack! Complete with a nylon strap that slips easily over any of your tracking collars.Gun Dog: A medium sized hunting dog collar cow bell great for those moderate to close ranging gun dogs! Comes with nylon strap that easily slides over any collar!Gun Dogs: A large dog collar cow bell, perfect for long ranging gundogs and for those of us who really want to know where our dog is at all times! Also includes nylon strap that will fit over any hunting collar!This kind of leather is incredibly durable, flexible and really strong for every breed. The collars are made from just one piece of leather in order to be strong while the dog is pulling. Made to last for a lifetime using the best quality nickel plated hardware and the highest quality cow leather.