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Because Cushing’s patients tend to have high blood pressure and poor healing ability, several months of medical therapy may be needed to strengthen the patient prior to surgery. After surgery, prednisone or other corticosteroids may be required for a few months until the dog’s ability to produce cortisol recovers, and some dogs may need mineralocorticoid replacement as well. In a survey of 63 dogs who had surgery, 4 (6 percent) had inoperable tumors and were euthanized; 18 (29 percent) died during surgery or soon after because of complications; and the average post-surgical life span for the remaining 41 dogs was 46 months.

Have you ever used lignan/melatonin treatment for dogs with Cushings? What were results?

I have noticed that his fur is thinning on his back and sides now but no other symptoms have cropped up. I guess we'll have to wait and see. I pray every night that our cush dogs stay healthy for another day. T. Hugs

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Treatment for Cushings disease in dogs - the options and costs of treating canine cushings. This week he seems to have taken a huge turn for the worse, he wakes me up every few hours to get more water and pee. He is also vomiting a lot, I read a post that many dogs with Cushing have pancreatitis. He is losing strength in his back legs and is starting to attack people at the house. He has gone after several young girls.

Cushex-M for Cushings Disease in Dogs

I have two Maltese dogs. Our older male turned 11 in October 2007. He has been having multiple health issues over the past yr. He was diagnosed w/a heart murmur in April, 07 and I was informed that he would eventually develop congestive heart failure. Since December, 07 he has been having problems w/his right eye which appeared to be an eye infection (discharge) . The eye eventually started to bulge and never seemed to heal from the "infection" in spite of several courses of antibiotic eye drops. The pressure in his eye continued to build and we established that he had full blown glaucoma in the right eye. We have been treating it w/Rimadyl and eye drops and he was doing o.k. until yesterday when it seemed to have gotten worse. I was now informed that he had corneal damage to the eye and he is on another medication for that problem. The Vet recommended doing some blood work as the problem with his eye was believed to be related to his heart condition as his blood pressure was VERY elevated. Well, after the blood work is completed, we now realize that his alkeline phositate (spelling) levels are off the charts. Normal levels are 131....Pepper's levels are 1700!! (not a typo 1700!!). We will do an additional blood test to truly determine, if he does have Cushings disease, but the Vet is fairly certain that the Cushings is the root to all his problems including the increased blood pressure which has snowballed into the eye problems etc. Does anyone have any experience w/Cushings Disease in their Maltese and what can I expect for Pepper's future?

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