My dogs love the dentisticks! Well….they love ALL treats!

Dad needs to clean up the little one's messy face before Mom gets home, but who needs baby wipes when you've got a dog? Thankfully, Pedigree Dentastix helped keep this labradoodle's mouth clean.

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Smaller dogs, or breeds with a crowded or stacked bite, are more likely to have "hiding spots" in the mouth. This means that no matter how long or hard he chews, some areas in his mouth just can't be reached, so plaque will develop. And while chewing will help with the surface of the teeth, it doesn't get under the gum lines like the bristles of a toothbrush, says Dr. Santiago Peralta, DVM, specializing in dentistry and oral surgery at Cornell University.

my dogs seem to enjoy dentabones

My dogs love Greenies and Dentastix! They are not picky most of the time! We use dental wipes from Dr. Fosters and Smith. Little pad wipe type thing and I wipe the dogs teeth after breakfast and again after dinner. Maybe not as good as brushing, but works fine.

My favorite dog dental chew is Nylabone.

A few months after using them about twice a week (not every day). Both dogs, whom had never had anal gland problems both ended up in emergency vet with RUPTURED anal glands 6 weeks apart. First Lamby, and then over the next 6 weeks she was back at the vet with infection in other side. Twice put on antibiotics. I keep a diary of all my pets (medicines, food changes, illnesses, bath schedules, everything) and the only thing new to them was these denta stixs. Then Hercules had a ruptured anal gland, he is only 5 years old.

my dog likes the Brushing Chews Daily Dental Treats in the Mini size.

DENTASTIX™ Original Treats are the delicious oral care treat that your dog will love to eat – and you’ll love to treat. Their chewy texture and patented design is clinically proven to reduce plaque and tartar buildup, so treat time promotes oral health too!My personal favorite is . My own dogs (Stella and Clementine) chew them every morning right after they go outside. They are VOHC approved, and are not hard so as to potentially contribute to a tooth fracture due to overbiting a chew. Other VOHC approved chews are , HealthiDent, , and . As far as offering rawhides as a chew treat, you may continue to offer them to your dog, but just know they are not VOHC approved. You also don’t know what’s in them and many are made outside the US, where quality control is lacking. Want to take that risk for your family pet?As a I can tell you I treat a LOT of dogs that have fractured their teeth on inappropriate chews. I can also tell you that many dog chews or bones make claims they can’t back with regard to plaque and tartar control. The only way to know if a product does what it says is by looking closely on the label. If the product has a label, the product has VOLUNTARILY been tested and meets the standards for plaque or calculus prevention (>25% plaque or calculus removal). Therefore, I (along with most veterinary dental specialists) only recommend VOHC approved chews.Dog food and treats frequently boast their beneficial dental qualities. Tossing your pup a dental-cleansing treat is certainly easier than convincing him to let you brush his teeth! But when it comes to dental benefits, not all claims are created equal.