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This doesn’t sit well with shelter operators, particularly in the Denver area, where a collaborative alliance of 25 organizations has radically trimmed euthanizations over its two decades of existence. Still, 26,000 dogs and cats were euthanized in Colorado in 2011, according to shelter reports to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

The Denver Animal Shelter reduced cost vaccination clinic is open to the public for dogs and cats.

As an active participant in the Metro Denver Animal Welfare Alliance (MDAWA), we look for trends and emerging needs so we can collaboratively identify ways to save more animals’ lives. We believe this contributes to Colorado, as a whole, comparing very well in live release rates. In 2014, the Colorado Department of Agriculture’s statistics showed that Colorado saved 88.91% of all cats and dogs entering shelters and rescues—a model for the nation.

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90,000 metal dog tags gleam on the completed sculpture at Denver's animal shelter. The second annual event will be held on Saturday, September 16 in downtown Golden, CO. Dress up your dog in their best costume and join us for a celebration to benefit Foothills Animal Shelter. From a pet costume parade and contests, to flyball and agility demos, to family-friendly games and activities, you’re sure to find something for everyone, all while helping us raise critical funds to support the homeless pets at Foothills Animal Shelter!

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We sometimes see animals who struggle in the shelter environment. This is especially true for our cat population. Cats, like dogs, are very sound- and scent-sensitive. In particular, we have a long-term feline resident, Shadow. He struggles with the adoption center because of the bustle and noise. When we introduced catnip to Shadow, he became more visibly comfortable and continues to be calmer when this resource is available to him. We hope that the catnip will help to ease his transition into a home and provide a sense of familiarity when he meets his new family. Thank you for this grant that made it possible to introduce more cat enrichment to Denver Animal Shelter!

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OutPaws is committed to providing a safe haven for homeless animals, giving a second chance to those left behind in overburdened shelters and fighting pet homelessness until every adoptable dog and cat has a home. If you are unsure of your dog’s primary breed, you can make an appointment with the Denver Animal Shelter for a breed assessment. If animal control has impounded your dog for suspicion of breed ban violation, you will be contacted with breed evaluation results within 3–5 business days. Evaluations are completed by three certified staff members who will determine if the majority of the physical traits are consistent with the banned breeds per the ordinance.