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The Birdhouse. The Bark Box. The Stop Barking Device. Whatever you call it, PetSafe ultrasonic bark deterrents are safe, effective solutions to stop your dog's annoying barking.

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Loved your take on Anti barking devices – bark stopper – usage features ratings | Training dogs not to bark! I’m just now getting into it myself.

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183 items - DHgate is the best place to make a comparison for stop dogs barking devices A sonic or ultrasonic bark deterrent is a battery-powered device designed to stop a dog from barking. The sound of the dog's bark triggers the device, which emits a high-pitched sound. The dog finds the sound annoying or irritating to its sensitive ears and stops barking. Some devices emit a sound that is only audible to dogs; other devices emit a sound that can be heard by both dogs and humans.

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The Dog Silencer Pro™ is a revolutionary bark control device that humanely trains dogs to quit barking. Watch as the Dog Silencer Pro™ stops barking using audible & ultrasonic sound settings.

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Many years ago a Russian Scientist named Pavlov was conducting tests on animal behavior. He would ring a bell at the dogs dinner time and before he even gave the dogs their food he noticed the dogs would salivate. Pavlov discovered that the dogs associated the sound of the bell with dinner and they reacted by salivating. With our products you can use the same principles to eliminate or reduce nuisance barking that Pavlov did to make the dogs salivate. Your dog can learn quickly to associate the mildly unpleasant sound, and this can teach your dog not to bark without good cause.We have selected only the best in Anti Dog Barking Devices. Whether you are trying to stop your own dog from barking or stop your neighbors dog from barking we have a solution for you!We also offer an which is ideal for joggers, cyclists and dog walkers. The device fits into the palm of the hand and will let off a 125db noise at the touch of a button. Not only great for stopping your own dog barking but very effective for deterring dogs when out in public.Some time ago, in response to a reader’s question, we looked at an interesting, high-tech device which stops dogs from what is referred to as nuisance barking, that non-stop yapping which ruins peace and quiet, and leads to thoughts of doing all kinds of painful things to the dogs.The sound of a neighbor's dog barking can drive you crazy! Here are some ways to stop dogs from barking, including bark control devices.