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We got a bag of Three Dog Bakery for our bulldog. He has thrown up 3x since eating it. I’m not knocking any dog food company out there but now agree with the Vet. They are seeing just as many problems with the all natural, holistic, etc. – They say do not give pets human food yet most dog foods today say human grade ingredients.
Dog food companies are knocking each other. Our dog was doing good on Eukanuba but now were afraid to feed him anything. Any dog food you try to research says something bad. Not only that when our dog eats foods containing beet pulp he’s great. Now we are having a hard time finding a good food with beet pulp. We refuse to buy anything made by Diamond pet foods. But I now agree with the Vet – The all natural, holistic is causing some animals problems. And no he has never recommended any food from his office. He said try Nutro but were to afraid to because if you read up on it everyone says their dogs are sick eating it. But we have tried every holistic brand out there and his stools went from firm and not smelly to very loose and smelly on the holistic.
Need to find a good basic dog food.

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Next to Agern is Danish Dogs (not to be confused with Bowie’s Diamond Dogs), a window dispensing four types of sausages in buns, elaborately topped, for $7 to $8. Just beyond that is a combination bakery and coffee shop, where breakfast sandwiches containing things like Havarti, smoked salmon, cream cheese, dillweed, and Scandinavian jams are dispensed, along with strong coffee. A selection of lunch sandwiches and cold composed salads are also available. A man stood outside passing out samples of chocolate muffins. They weren’t very sweet and tasted very Danish. Bravo!

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