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The grain free dog food people that put down dogs and owners that feed their dogs diamond are weak from the start from show dog breeders. I have a lab and a German shepherd. I feed them diamond and never had a problem. I can tell how good the food does when I pick up the waste. I switch from dog chow, diamond, taste of the wild, Kirkland, science diet, and pro plan. I feed them leg quarters, chicken back, turkey necks. I switch to what I decide. They can adjust to dry, raw, or little left overs. My dogs don’t get sick. My dogs are dogs. Some people have weak dogs because they have helicopter dog owners. Switch up dont feed the same stuff to your dogs. Remember treat your dog like dog.

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Hi everyone; I have researching dry dog foods for months now and i am looking for a food that does not have potato, beet pulb, garlic or vit k in it. I looked into Evangers grain free. It has a 5 star rating and it seems to be what i want but as i see in the comments that most people do not like it. i have 2 rescue dogs a lhasa/maltese mix and a maltese/yorkie mix, they tell me .My last dog was 120 lb malamute that i fed a raw diet. He passed away from cancer at 14 which is great for a large dog. These 2 little guys do not like raw for some reason and when they do eat raw they only eat very little and they get loose stools. It is funny that do not like raw because they love veggies and apples and bananas which i feed them every so often. I have tried Blue Buffalo but the lhasa had a bad itching reaction to it. I also tried Wellness but since i found out it is made by the Diamond company i stopped that one also. They are now eating Nutro Natural and i see all the bad reviews so i am affraid of useing that one even though they are doing good on it. Please let me know why Evangers is not liked by a lot of people. Thanks for your help in finding the best dog food for my little ones.

Diamond® Naturals Grain Free Beef Dog Food

Judging by its ingredients alone, Diamond Naturals Grain Free Dog Food looks like an above-average dry product. : The regular Diamond formulas are primarily grain-based and include ingredients like corn and chicken by-products, which can sometimes be problematic, making them an average dog food. The Diamond Naturals are free from corn, wheat and soy, and also from by-products, which makes them an above-average dog food. For more information, visit:

Diamond Naturals Grain Free Chicken and Sweet Potato Dog Food

After the main proteins in this Diamond Naturals Chicken & Rice Formula for Adult Dogs recipe come several whole-grain carbohydrates and one grain-free carbohydrate – whole grain brown rice, cracked pearled barley, and peas. These ingredients are considered highly digestible for dogs, though they may trigger food allergies or sensitivities in some dogs. There are also supplementary sources of fiber like the pea flour, dried beet pulp, flaxseed, and dried chicory root. The fresh fruits and vegetables in this recipe contribute some carbohydrate energy and dietary fiber as well, though their main function is to act as natural sources for key nutrients.

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