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Sizing Information (approximate): Diaper sizes vary dramatically from breed to breed. You may order a free sample diaper for sizing (postage applies) or request a sample with your order so you can try one on before opening the package.
10 diapers per package
120 diapers per case
Male Dogs, please add 1 size up. When used as a cat diaper, you can use a size lower

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Remember, though, that this works only for male dogs especially for those establishing territory and setting up marks all over the place. Dogs that wet heavily may require more diaper changes and are more prone to leaks. One reviewer noted inconsistency in the manufacturing between packages. They stated that while some packages worked well, others were more prone to leaking.

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These washable dog diapers offer full-service diapers for female dogs of all sizes. If you’re like me and don’t have a lot of time on your hands, you can save yourself a lot of trouble if you just buy diapers for dogs at PetSmart. They’re just like Pampers (disposable) but for your Pup. Simple Solution makes some good ones.

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Diaper Tip: Belly bands are great because they are easy to put on and take off, but they have been known to shift out of place, especially if your dog is active. In my opinion, wraps are good for dogs that dribble urine rather than those who are completely incontinent.

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Have you considered learning to "express" your dog? Vets do it all the time and can show you how. It entails squeezing your dog's bladder until she empties it. You do it three times a day and then won't need the diapers. I dont know all the circumstances of your situation but this is a common solution for dogs as they get older. I have a cat with neurological damage that we do this for.Dog diapers are commercially available, but can put a sizable dent in your wallet, despite their value in reducing the fallout of a messy heat cycle. Consider modifying a baby diaper or toddler pull-up diaper to meet your dog's needs. Put the diaper on your dog before cutting a hole for her tail. This will reduce the likelihood that you might get it wrong, and have to discard the first diaper. Cut a small hole through which you can gently pull your dog's tail. Fasten the diaper as you would if you were putting it on a baby, making sure not to make the diaper too tight or too loose.Dog diapers can be practical after your dog has had an operation, in cases of incontinence, or when your dog is in heat. They provide a way to protect your house or apartment from stains and are more comfortable for dogs than constantly feeling wet. You can also use this dog accessory while you travel and for puppies who haven't yet been completely house trained.Reusable diapers are simple and cost effective: just buy them once, wash, and reuse them as long as you like Washable diapers will provide many years of use, in comparison to disposable diapers. If you choose reusable diapers, you should look for high quality products to ensure the diapers will keep their shape after multiple washings. You might experience an accident if the diaper stops fitting correctly. The correct fit is essential with dog diapers. Washable diapers also have the advantage of allowing your dog to get used to the diaper. Especially for female dogs in heat who have to wear the diaper on a daily basis, it's good to let her feel the diaper belongs to her. Your dog won't have to get used to a new object every time you change a diaper.