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"There are many causes of diarrhea in dogs," says Dr. Jennifer Coates. "The most common are intestinal parasites (e.g., , hookworms, Giardia), bacterial infections or overgrowth, dietary indiscretion (e.g., garbage ingestion or an abrupt diet change), and inflammatory diseases (e.g., diet intolerances or allergies)."

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Are you wondering what to feed a dog with diarrhea. It's a common condition in canines that has many causes. Understanding the different types of diarrhea dogs can encounter will help you decide how to best help your four-legged family member.

Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment of Diarrhea in Dogs)

Some dogs/puppies can get diarrhea from the excitement/stress of being away and then coming home. I would appreciate comments or feedback on this regimen, however. I would use the recipe described in the article, but in my dog’s case chicken and turkey tend to cause diarrhea instead of helping it.

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When a dog has diarrhea it is a good idea to take the dog off solid food for a day. This allows the gut to rest. Dogs and pups can easily go for a day without food. They cannot go without water. So a dog that is drinking plenty of water is not as serious as a dog that will not drink.

Diarrhea in Dogs: Don't Let It Catch You Unprepared

When a beloved pet has diarrhea, it can be cause for concern. Diarrhea can be caused by a wide variety of illnesses and situations, but one of the most common causes of diarrhea in cats and dogs is intestinal parasites, or worms. That’s why veterinarians almost always request a stool sample be brought in when the pet has an appointment.In some cases of diarrhea, the underlying cause may be parasites. Dogs can get parasites from eating things they shouldn’t eat, such as soil or feces. They can also get parasites if they accidentally eat food or drink water that is contaminated. Puppies can become infected from their mother. Parasites that can give your dog diarrhea are:Diarrhea can last for several days to several weeks, and can even last a month without proper veterinary care; if your dog has diarrhea for under a day there may be no real need for concern. It will be important to watch over him; however, dogs can get this illness from time to time. If it does persist, it will be important to contact the veterinarian to see precisely what is causing his upset stomach.Diarrhea is an extremely common problem in both cats and dogs. Mild, transient diarrhea rarely is a cause for concern. Severe or chronic diarrhea is often caused by major medical conditions, and can be damaging to a pet's health in its own right.