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With this all-stages food from CANIDAE, dogs with sensitive stomachs benefit from the following: high-quality meat for protein and other wholesome ingredients for a balanced and tasty meal; no filler, artificial ingredients, wheat, corn or soy, or allergic-triggering ingredients; live probiotic content to aid digestion; antioxidants to enhance the immune system; and omega 6 and omega 3 for a healthy skin and beautiful coat.

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If you want to continue to offer dry food to your dog, I recommend you study the ingredients carefully and avoid products containing corn in any form, including corn gluten meal, whole grain corn, corn flour, etc. Corn is not only highly susceptible to aflatoxin contamination, it is also allergenic and difficult for most pets to digest.

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Hill’s Prescription Diet I/D Canine Digestive Care canned dog food is not rated due to its . Hmm, sorry I don’t save the hundreds of links I go to every day, but I read over and over again that plant based enzymes have no difficulty surviving stomach acid and can and do contribute to food digestion. I completely agree that normal dogs have no need for added enzymes though. I did find a range of common digestive issue that they were recommending adding enzymes for, either short or long term, depending on the issue. I wasn’t so sure, from what I read, that the enzymes in raw pancreas would survive the stomach, though I do know that raw feeders with EPI dogs report that it works for them. The articles I read seemed to be of the opinion that animal based enzymes needed buffering to be of use. This is really becoming very interesting.

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Yes, they do aid in digestion, but they don’t do some of the things digestive enzymes do, and in other areas they do so much more. Probiotics feed on all those foods that we and our dogs eat and if a dog has a healthy gut, it should have a large and diverse population of probiotics. However, in dogs that are only fed one food long term, I don’t believe most of them have that advantage. I believe that’s why dogs that are fed one food long term get digestive upset when they switch foods, but dogs that are fed a rotational diet, don’t. It’s those single food dogs and ones with specific health issues that may need digestive enzymes, at least until the probiotics have had a chance to recolonize and adjust to a new diet.

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Blue Buffalo Basics consistently gets some of the best reviews by dog owners who are combating chronic digestive problems in comparison to the other foods out there.Because of their under-developed digestive systems, most puppies struggle with food sensitivity issues. And yet there are very few high-quality dog foods that have actually been designed to nourish a puppy while catering to their sensitive stomachs.