AKC DNA testing does not determine the breed of a dog

The Florida kill shelter, which currently has a live-release rate of 87% (and rising), hopes to continue the DNA testing with incoming dogs and to inspire other shelters to try the same tactic in its facilities.

This DNA test determines whether a dog has the gene mutation associated with myostatin deficiency.

DNA My Dog:
"As it states on our order form any contamination will affect results. In all but a very few cases we are able to catch it. The test is only as good as the sample and any home based DNA test is subject to the same potential for bacteria and contamination. Especially when it comes to dogs who have high levels of oral bacteria.
In our experience, even when it comes to the average consumer. as you call it, people aren't so average when it comes to their dogs! If we provide results that don't make sense to one of our clients they will absolutely be in touch
In most cases it is just a matter of explaining the results to them but if something looks "off" we will examine the lab report to see if we can spot anything, we will retest as necessary. I would say in the majority of cases the retests come back the same. Of course for you, since it is a news story, it didn't! But we do retest for anyone who looks like they need a new test
We test for 88 breeds representing the most common breeds in the mixed breed population. We limit the breeds to keep the price down, ensure a high level of accuracy and a quick turnaround. We add breeds based on demand and popularity of certain breeds."

Dog DNA Tests Reviews: DNA My Dog vs Wisdom Panel vs Embark

Dog DNA tests are fun. And no matter the result, you’ll always love your pup…right?? Now, it may be possible to answer that question. Companies specializing indog DNA testing are enticing owners who are curious about their mutt’sbackground. Owners may also decide to test so they can take the information totheir veterinarians to discuss potential health issues about their dog’sbreeds.

Embark Dog DNA Test - Breed, Health and More

We did DNA testing for our five dogs. Three of the five are mixed breed so we were interested in their make-up. Two of our dogs are purebred but we did the testing anyway to see how accurate the tests might be. Our Papillion came back as a Dalmation. We did NOT use Wisdom Panel. Our guess is our Papillion’s test was mixed up with someone else. Our other purebred is a Jack Russell Terrier and hers came back accurate. We were also delighted to learn the make up of our three mixed breed pups. We love sharing with friends that our little Papillion is actually a Dalmation. We get a lot of laughs over that one!

Now you can—with dog DNA testing

Using the latest science, this test scans your dog’s DNA, both for ancestry information and specific genetic markers. Your veterinarian can use this information to create a custom health and wellness plan based on your dog’s genetic code.Years after dog DNA testing was first introduced, though, it's finally becoming mainstream. Since Mars Veterinary launched its dog DNA test in 2007, Wisdom Panel, the company—owned by Mars, Incorporated—claims to have sold some 400,000 tests—with the latest consumer version selling for $84.99 a pop. Its other major competitor is DNA My Dog—owned by a Canadian firm—which charges $59.99 per test. Both claim to unlock the mysteries of a dog's genes to reveal their breeds.