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It’s difficult to determine whether guinea pig males will get along with each other. For a first introduction, place the guinea pigs in a clean area that neither has claim to. Expect them to pace around each other and sniff under each other’s chin or bottom. This possibly is a way for them to determine the friendliness of the other guinea pig. It is almost as if they are saying, “Hi, what is your ranking in the herd?” Not unlike dogs.

Do Dogs and Guinea Pigs Get Along?

It depends. Claricoates says that according to the book "," written by Teresa Bradley Bays, DVM, rabbits may get along with other pets including cats, birds, guinea pigs, and dogs (for example, rabbits were found to show no fear of cats if they were exposed to them before being weaned). Of course, interactions should never be unsupervised, as the predator-prey instincts are a driving force in all species, and any signs of aggression is likely to mean that the two animals will not get along and close interaction should be avoided. Besides obvious signs (like growling or barking), other signs of aggression or intent-to-pounce from canines may include pointed or raised ears and even excessive panting, said Claricoates. Small animals will often default to hiding if afraid of the larger animal.

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Guinea pigs and dogs can get along, although training each to accept the other takes a fair amount of time I feel so fortunate to share my life with three wonderful dogs. They are all Boston Terriers, and two of them are rescues from Texas (I live in New York). They get along beautifully with my cats, even though Tiggerbella has backed Rudy into a corner and kept him captive a number of times! However, when it comes to my guinea pigs, it’s a different story. Although each one of the dogs has a very different personality, I am vigilant when my guinea pigs are in their presence.

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Do dogs and guinea pigs get along? Well, they can certainly live in the same home with proper precautions. But should they interact? The answer to that question is usually no. But the Instagram account is showing that with very special individuals a beautiful bond between species is possible. In this case, two guinea pigs and a Pitbull.

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