3 Reasons a Dog's Urine Burns Grass

4) So why does some urine kill plants, while other urine causes plants to flourish? Urine, by nature, is acidic. Too much acid will "burn" your lawn and kill it. Have you ever noticed how when you urinate yourself, sometimes it is dark yellow and sometimes it is clear? If you drink a lot of water and are well hydrated, your urine is dilute (diluted). But if you haven't been drinking much water and you feel somewhat dehydrated, your urine is often dark yellow (concentrated). I am not a veterinarian, but I have had several dogs in my life. Based on my own observations, dog urine seems to always be concentrated. This does not mean your dog is dehydrated - it just means that dog physiology is different than human physiology. If you pee on your grass when your urine is concentrated, it will burn the grass (female dogs tend to let it all out in the same spot; burning the lawn with their concentrated urine). If you pee on the lawn when your urine is dilute (male dogs tend to spray a little here and a little there), it will not burn the grass, but a day or two later, after the microbes break down the urea into ammonium and nitrate, it will fertilize your grass and cause it to flourish.

Why Does Dog Urine Kill Grass?

Remember the age-old human "cure" of cranberry juice for bladder infections? It works (somewhat) because it makes the urine more acidic, which reduces the chance of bacteria "sticking" around in the urinary tract. Acid kills bacteria (They use vinegar, of all things, to clean feeding tubes) Anything acidic, including tomato juice, would technically have the same effect to some degree - INCREASING the acidity. And know how sugar in the urine can encourage infections in diabetics? "Sweet" urine is very NON-acidic, thus INCREASING the chance of INFECTION. You DON'T want to reduce the acidity, either. Your dog's body works in much the same way as yours. You may be saving your grass and killing your dog in the long run. You MAY be doing him real harm by trying to "sweeten" his urine. Live with it, and quit trying to change your dog's internal chemistry. Dog's urine probably burned grass long before humans ever starting planting grass on purpose. Its the way it is for a reason. The post about high-protein diets is probably most correct of all of the above. You can safely reduce the protein content *somewhat* without harming the dog. Go for a mixed food, such as one with rice added as filler. (a note here... as a Low Carb fanatic, I can assure you that a high-protein diet DOES actually change the urine chemistry... might be good for us humans - *and I am not looking for an off-topic argument here* - but we pee those ketones into a toilet, not on the grass - I hope - but we also drink extra water to dilute it all) The watering can idea is good. The training methods are good. The designated area is good. Maybe even the lime, sugar or baking soda (don't know). If you can't find a solution in any of the above, then resign yourself to dead grass. What's more important, anyway? Man's best friend, wins over replacable grass anyday, I hope.

Dog FAQs Why Dog Pee Kills Grass - The Spruce

there any recommendations to neutralize dog urine so that it doesn't kill my grass Please answer if you have any opinion at all on this. A friend was asking me about her dogs' urine killing the grass. I thought that I read somewhere that if you feed a good quality dog food, their urine does not kill the grass. We feed Evo/Innova and do not have a problem with circles of dead grass. They feed a grocery store brand and do have that problem. We have one female. We, however, also have 2 males who lift their legs and go on trees or the fence, and she has 2 females that squat. I also spray Roundup around the trees to eliminate the need for a lot of trimming, so I really don't have a definite way of knowing if their urine is killing the grass. I've told her of the other obvious reasons for not using grocery story brands but have not been able to convince her to switch. She is now heavily considering it. This may help convince her. I would really like it if I could have more than 2 or 3 responses on this!

Aug 11, 2014 - Why Does Dog Urine Turn Grass Brown

I have always heard that a dogs urine kills the grass and all I can find about it is ” why does dog urine kill grass”. We are wondering why does our dogs urine make the spots she urinates on turn into beautiful, fast growing, lush green? My husband and father in law said we need to bottle her urine and sell it lol. So that is my question Why does her urine spots make our grass turn green and grow faster?

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