Your Dog Is Safer Wearing a Life Jacket (Plus It's Super Cute) ..

One question that we get on a daily basis is, “what size does my dog need”? This is the same whether talking about dog coats, boots, collars, harnesses or life jackets. Here we simplify the “how to measure” for all of our sized products to make it easy for you to determine what is going to be the best fit for your canine sidekick. Having the proper fit will ensure the best performance from your Ruffwear gear.

So hopefully your answer to that question of, “Does my dog need a life jacket,” is a YES!

I love salty sea dogs especially scruffy little terriers, but even these need to be protected from the high seas. If Scruffy falls overboard while the boat is at sea, it doesn’t take long to lose sight of him. I have actually done this but fortunately, as each wave rolled through I could see my little fella in his bright yellow life jacket paddling desperately to get back to us. It only took a split second but I was shocked at how easy this could happen.

Do Dogs Need To Wear Life Vests When Boating? | The Dog Guide

Aug 5, 2009 - Why does my dog need a life jacket? What I am looking for when buying one? She takes frequent dips in the pond, loves to swim in the lake and doesn't even mind a nice cooling bath in the summer. So I didn't really worry about this particular dog needing a life jacket. While at the lake last weekend, she eagerly jumped in our little boat from the beach. She is very athletic and in good shape. As she sailed around the docks with my husband to meet the rest of the family, she got very excited and anxious seeing the rest of "her people" on the dock.

Does a dog have to wear a lifevest when on board a boat

Here's what you need to know about dogs and life vests.