Walking the dog, I realized we were wearing matching outfits

Fudge’s owner Jack Proctor brought his seven-year-old dog to his ceremony at Edinburgh Napier University. | An Owner And His Dog Wore Matching Outfits To Graduation

Some owners enjoy matching their outfits with their pets, so matching pajamas can be purchased to create a bonding experience for the owner and the dog.

Creating on-trend outfits is a whole different animal for pet fashion designers, whose work is becoming mainstream as animal lovers look to further pamper their pets. For some owners, it’s a statement; for others, it’s a way to match man’s best friend; and sometimes it’s simply about keeping animals warm this winter. But it’s clear the number of dressed-up dogs and cats jumps significantly once holiday photos need to be taken.

Matching Clothes for Your Dog and You made of Fleece

Jan 30, 2013 - Miley Cyrus And Her Dog Wear Matching Leopard Print Outfits, Because She Is THAT Kind Of Pet Owner (PHOTO) Elwood, IL – Anyone who can answer yes to the question, “do you and your dog have matching outfits?” will be excited to learn about an event where you are not only expected to look like your dog, but where you can win prizes for a dog and owner matching costume contest and a dog costume contest! The event is called ‘Struttin for Strays’ and will be held at the Lloyd Erickson Park in Elwood on May 15th. Sponsored by the , this event is a fundraiser for the many programs and services they offer, and will feature lots of fun, food, and activities for the everyone.

Dog and owner matching shirts of one another

Proctor is hoping to use his newly-acquired degree to land a job in social media or advertising, STV News reported. | An Owner And His Dog Wore Matching Outfits To Graduation

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In the last few years, you've been seeing more and more of it on the streets: dogs that might not be getting carried around in a purse, but they are wearing matching outfits with their owners. You might ask yourself whether these owners are really doing what's best for their dogs, or whether they might be misusing their pets and treating them like an accessory. When does really make sense, and where is the boundary when dog clothing actually starts to do more harm than good?