Why nonslip nail grips instead of traction socks, or boots

One of my dogs had a wound and because of its location, a collar wouldn't work, so I put socks on the feet of my dog and used hair scrunchies to keep them in place whenever the dog went outdoors for potty breaks or walk around. I don't know if small sized socks for children would work for your cat, but I don't know what you could use to keep them in place. I think your cat would still need to be watched, but it will keep the cat busy trying to remove the socks instead of scratching the wound. The wound is probably itching when its scabbed over. Have you thought of using Benadryl anti-itch cream around the area. Maybe that might help some.

Pet anti-slip anti scratch floor socks small medium dog Teddy Poodle dog footwear.

With these anti-slip pet socks shoes, your pet can feel free to walk in the house, won’t dirty your clean floor. And when you hold them in hands, you don’t need to worry about their claw would scratch you or your clothes. But one thing need to remind you is that their socks are like the socks we wear every day, so you need to wash them frequently, and drying under the sunlight or airy place. For your pet dog’s sake, you need to buy it socks shoes.

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48 items - Cheap Pet stripe series dog indoor warm soft anti-skid anti scratch socks .. These cute, anti-slip socks for dogs can prevent pups from slipping on hardwood floors. They feature a raised paw print decal that improves traction, which can minimize or eliminate back and leg injuries for your pet. The fact that they are made from soft cotton means that your dog will be comfortable. In addition, the socks will help reduce scratch marks on your hardwood floors.

Tired of scratches on your floor - not to mention your arms and legs

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