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If your dog experiences a small cut or scrape, cleanse the area thoroughly with antibacterial soap and spray some aloe vera gel designed for veterinary use on your pet. Wound treatment products include aloe vera for its soothing properties. Aloe vera also increases the blood supply to promote quick healing. Of course, any significant wound requires veterinary attention.

It’s an inexpensive, healthy addition to your dog’s diet – and now you can use it as an anti-yeast spray and an antibacterial cream too.

Antibacterial sprays can be quite helpful in managing bacterial skin infections in pets. These sprays should be used after the areas are thoroughly cleaned with an antibacterial soap or . The sprays will have several hours of residual antibacterial effect and can often be used up to 2-3 times daily. A few recommended products for this include (for dogs only) which contains a natural antimicrobial tea tree oil compound. Another excellent product for dogs is , which contains a combination of an antibiotic and an anti-inflammatory cortisone compound.

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GNC Pets Medicated Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Fungal Dog Spray at PetSmart. Shop all dog treatments online. As states, first aid sprays contain antiseptics. This means that they clean your dog’s wounds of germs prior to bandaging. There are also types of first aid sprays that are antiseptic and also form a layer that resembles a thin layer of skin over the wound. This keeps infections from being able to enter your dog’s body through the broken skin. They also help to keep your dog from doing more by crawling around under furniture or bushes. Most first aid sprays also have antifungal and antibacterial properties. They have chemicals that repel insects from open wounds. Most will also be an herbal formulation designed to ease the pain of wounds and aid in the speeding of healing.

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As soon as you notice the wound on your dog, you should wash the wound area with warm water and soap and dry thoroughly and carefully. Apply an antiseptic to kill any bacteria or germs present and allow to air dry. Liberally apply a canine first aid spray. If the first aid spray you choose doesn’t form an active barrier against infection, you should try to cover the wound site with gauze and hold the gauze in place with tape. If your first aid spray doesn’t form a protective barrier, you should also look into an antibacterial ointment to provide the best protection against infection and further injury.

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